The records go back to the 2008 results as those are the earliest results which are in the database.

Michigan Records

Category Call Score Year
Single Op High PowerNA8V346,8152022
Single Op Low PowerN8M202,0052010
Multi Op Single TxK8MQP304,3882022
Multi Op Multi TxK8XXX741,4062012
Single Op QRPK8MM118,9902010
Mobile SoloW1NN154,2902012
Mobile Multi OpK8MR311,1602013

Non-Michigan W/VE Records

Category Call Score Year
Single Op High PowerN4PN/GA63,8722013
Single Op Low PowerN2CU/NY54,2402016
Multi Op Single TxKI6RRN/CA26,1002021
Multi Op Multi TxW8AV/OH30,4112008
Single Op QRPN8NA/DE30,3802008
Mobile SoloWA3EOP/DE802010
Mobile Multi OpK7AEZ/AZ12023

Non-Michigan DX Records

Category Call Score Year
Single Op High PowerDL2HBX47,1902013
Single Op Low PowerDM5EE4,5762014
Multi Op Single TxDJ9MH6402012
Single Op QRPSP6JOE1622012

Michigan County Records

QTH Category Score Call Year
ALCOSingle Op Low Power13064W8HUF2016
ALLESingle Op High Power3510KD8FS2022
ALLESingle Op Low Power95734KE8VC2024
ALLEMulti Op Single Tx103092N9FN2009
ALLEMulti Op Multi Tx2838W8ZZ2011
ALLEMobile Multi Op77234KD8FS2024
ALPESingle Op Low Power14136WD8Z2019
ALPESingle Op QRP1134KE8FSR2023
ANTRSingle Op High Power53268W8WA2020
ANTRSingle Op Low Power52400K8SB2009
ARENSingle Op High Power22000W8JY2014
ARENSingle Op Low Power19650WD8CRQ2012
BARASingle Op Low Power40976W8MSC2024
BARRSingle Op High Power28302KE8MOI2024
BARRSingle Op Low Power5070W8RZ2023
BARRMulti Op Multi Tx741406K8XXX2012
BARRMobile Solo826W8RZ2020
BAYSingle Op High Power135078WI8A2008
BAYSingle Op Low Power22102N8OC2014
BAYMulti Op Single Tx22533KF8F2008
BENZSingle Op High Power95550KG8CW2020
BENZSingle Op Low Power59000KG8CW2016
BENZMulti Op Single Tx61446AA4R2013
BENZMulti Op Multi Tx5616W8ZZ2013
BENZSingle Op QRP972KI8KR2020
BERRSingle Op High Power211588N8SS2022
BERRSingle Op Low Power138180N8SS2020
BERRMulti Op Single Tx136290N9FN2011
BERRMulti Op Multi Tx199656N8OL2024
BERRSingle Op QRP13056N8SS2021
BRANSingle Op High Power243573K2CUB2022
BRANSingle Op Low Power5980KU8F2014
BRANMulti Op Single Tx2100WD8KAF2014
BRANMulti Op Multi Tx7367W8RU2009
BRANSingle Op QRP72174W8CUB2013
CALHSingle Op Low Power25608W8RT2013
CALHMulti Op Single Tx6667AB8I2022
CALHMulti Op Multi Tx6930W8RU2009
CASSSingle Op High Power30132AD8BU2022
CASSSingle Op Low Power14475N8MS2017
CASSMulti Op Single Tx82940N9FN2008
CASSMulti Op Multi Tx4428W8ZZ2011
CHARSingle Op High Power10123K8EET2020
CHARSingle Op Low Power20468K8EET2022
CHARSingle Op QRP1344KG8JK2015
CHEBSingle Op Low Power1904KB8KNM2015
CHIPSingle Op High Power10281WA8OLD2011
CHIPSingle Op Low Power48258N8OC2012
CLARSingle Op Low Power160875W8JJ2022
CLARMulti Op Single Tx5618W8M2018
CLINSingle Op Low Power19943KE8MOA2024
CLINSingle Op QRP39646AA8LF2024
CRAWSingle Op Low Power9424N8MKG2024
CRAWMulti Op Single Tx414N8YSS2009
DELTSingle Op High Power135459K8AO2013
DELTSingle Op Low Power3053WD8RTH2008
DELTMulti Op Single Tx1716K8PL2009
DICKSingle Op High Power14220W8JWN2024
DICKSingle Op QRP1472K8DDB2008
EATOSingle Op High Power50490W8LEW2008
EATOSingle Op Low Power18407W8LEW2016
EATOMulti Op Single Tx2829K8ETN2015
EATOMulti Op Multi Tx1W8RU2010
EMMESingle Op Low Power72975W8FSM2024
EMMESingle Op QRP28764KG8JK2013
GENESingle Op High Power181944W8JJ2024
GENESingle Op Low Power41800K8MM2016
GENEMulti Op Single Tx306WA8AJS2016
GENEMulti Op Multi Tx23157W8CMN2013
GENESingle Op QRP118990K8MM2010
GLADSingle Op High Power212736K8BZ2013
GLADSingle Op Low Power44863K8EO2013
GOGESingle Op High Power1410K8DLM2009
GOGESingle Op Low Power32944N9EZ2008
GOGEMobile Multi Op700NE9U2024
GRATSingle Op Low Power25676W8AWE2016
GRATMulti Op Single Tx51250W8AWE2013
GRTRSingle Op High Power28080W1WOW2016
GRTRSingle Op Low Power174616N8TC2013
GRTRMulti Op Single Tx11661K8RCT2013
GRTRSingle Op QRP6890KA8SMA2015
HILLSingle Op High Power81090KB8U2015
HILLSingle Op Low Power7370KB8U2020
HILLMulti Op Multi Tx25W8RU2008
HOUGSingle Op High Power104977W8PSP2020
HOUGSingle Op Low Power168502WA1UJU2022
HOUGMulti Op Single Tx46092W8PSP2017
HOUGMulti Op Multi Tx7140W8YY2015
HOUGSingle Op QRP6930KB8W2022
HUROSingle Op High Power51408AD8R2022
HUROSingle Op Low Power59940KA8JBK2022
HUROMulti Op Single Tx20532N8LC2010
HUROMulti Op Multi Tx193347N8LC2013
INGHSingle Op High Power60615W8AB2016
INGHSingle Op Low Power115500W8AB2015
INGHMulti Op Single Tx128184W8AB2011
INGHMulti Op Multi Tx124465W8SH2018
INGHSingle Op QRP23040W8AB2018
IONISingle Op Low Power33368N8MRC2008
IONIMulti Op Single Tx11270N8MRC2010
IONIMulti Op Multi Tx64W8RU2016
IONISingle Op QRP84242K6JSS2013
IOSCSingle Op Low Power27473K8SIA2010
IOSCSingle Op QRP15663W8RP2023
IRONSingle Op High Power13542KD8VTT2024
IRONSingle Op Low Power34440K8I2008
ISABSingle Op Low Power6250W8MKR2024
ISABMulti Op Single Tx57600NF8M2015
JACKSingle Op High Power28835K8TS2024
JACKSingle Op Low Power33630AD8BV2022
JACKMulti Op Single Tx36288N8DC2019
JACKMulti Op Multi Tx336W8RU2008
JACKSingle Op QRP17010KC8LTL2011
KALKSingle Op High Power13475K8ESQ2016
KALKSingle Op Low Power62172NM8R2013
KALKMulti Op Single Tx174416K8ESQ2010
KALKMulti Op Multi Tx195475K8ESQ2011
KALKSingle Op QRP11340NM8R2010
KENTSingle Op High Power110528W8TWA2018
KENTSingle Op Low Power101706WB8MIW2022
KENTMulti Op Single Tx60102W8USA2023
KENTMulti Op Multi Tx15946W8DC2023
KENTSingle Op QRP54432N8F2015
KEWESingle Op High Power240W8KNX2021
KEWESingle Op Low Power2795W8K2020
KEWEMulti Op Single Tx1705W8K2019
KZOOSingle Op High Power22428KN8N2020
KZOOSingle Op Low Power30504KE8DI2020
KZOOMulti Op Single Tx159344N9FN2013
KZOOMulti Op Multi Tx236295KM8CC2019
KZOOSingle Op QRP288W8EIR2016
LAKESingle Op Low Power4512WN8S2024
LAKEMulti Op Single Tx139590WD8S2012
LAKEMulti Op Multi Tx2184W8RU2016
LAPESingle Op High Power182652WB8WKQ2016
LAPESingle Op Low Power159874WB8WKQ2011
LAPEMulti Op Single Tx187000K8EPV2009
LAPEMulti Op Multi Tx154284N8LC2016
LAPESingle Op QRP18711NF8M2009
LEELSingle Op High Power7440N8RU2015
LEELSingle Op Low Power99712N8TC2011
LEELMulti Op Single Tx194370N8KV2013
LENASingle Op High Power76874NU8Z2009
LENASingle Op Low Power119669KG8CO2024
LENAMulti Op Multi Tx76279N8AMM2015
LIVISingle Op High Power265586K8MQP2024
LIVISingle Op Low Power51574K8JT2020
LIVIMulti Op Single Tx304388K8MQP2022
LIVIMulti Op Multi Tx498782K8MQP2010
LIVISingle Op QRP19368N9SM2024
LUCESingle Op High Power468W8NBY2018
LUCESingle Op Low Power580KC8GTE2022
LUCEMulti Op Multi Tx12483KC8QZG2009
MACOSingle Op High Power53416K8RDJ2011
MACOSingle Op Low Power126168KR8V2013
MACOMulti Op Single Tx10458N8ZI2018
MACOMulti Op Multi Tx17775N8LC2019
MACOSingle Op QRP1KE8FZX2019
MANISingle Op Low Power28272WN8P2019
MANIMulti Op Multi Tx9135W8ZZ2013
MARQSingle Op High Power169031NV8N2024
MARQSingle Op Low Power9730KE8CUG2024
MARQMulti Op Single Tx79590K8ET2013
MARQMulti Op Multi Tx53074NV8N2009
MASOSingle Op High Power1590NW8E2017
MASOSingle Op Low Power25146NN8L2009
MASOMulti Op Multi Tx10494W8ZZ2013
MCLMSingle Op High Power73700N8DXR2022
MCLMSingle Op Low Power12040W3CB2023
MCLMMulti Op Single Tx20060KC8KCU2010
MCLMMulti Op Multi Tx81W8RU2016
MCLMSingle Op QRP43904K6JSS2012
MECOSingle Op High Power60800KB8TYJ2016
MECOSingle Op Low Power34770KB8TYJ2014
MECOMulti Op Multi Tx36W8RU2016
MECOSingle Op QRP29841K6JSS2011
MENOSingle Op Low Power73458K8IR2019
MENOMulti Op Multi Tx228374N9KI2009
MENOSingle Op QRP26820K8NB2008
MIDLSingle Op High Power193076WA8Y2022
MIDLSingle Op Low Power40848N8DZR2024
MIDLMulti Op Multi Tx145340W8QN2012
MIDLSingle Op QRP5760KB8PGW2022
MISSSingle Op High Power18450W8CT2012
MISSMulti Op Single Tx21960W8CT2010
MONRSingle Op High Power38855N8DXR2015
MONRSingle Op Low Power183098K9TM2008
MONRMulti Op Single Tx24288W8DWL2015
MONRSingle Op QRP6032K8DRT2011
MTMOSingle Op High Power112320K8CIT2011
MTMOSingle Op Low Power145676N1IW2011
MTMOSingle Op QRP25748W8TOM2024
MUSKSingle Op High Power88832K8WSN2013
MUSKSingle Op Low Power38364NR9B2009
MUSKMulti Op Single Tx27260W8ZHO2009
MUSKMulti Op Multi Tx15318W8ZHO2011
MUSKSingle Op QRP37080N8M2014
NEWASingle Op High Power23808KD8AUZ2019
NEWASingle Op Low Power17472KD8AUZ2015
NEWAMulti Op Single Tx3818WA8M2013
NEWAMulti Op Multi Tx5394W8RU2016
NEWASingle Op QRP20839N8Q2010
OAKLSingle Op High Power181675K8BKM2021
OAKLSingle Op Low Power148044N8FYL2022
OAKLMulti Op Single Tx214652N8SL2013
OAKLMulti Op Multi Tx276261KA8O2015
OAKLSingle Op QRP54900K8NWD2015
OCEASingle Op Low Power3922KG8P2022
OCEAMulti Op Multi Tx14432W8ZZ2012
OGEMSingle Op High Power20169N8CJM2016
OGEMSingle Op Low Power32100WA8REI2010
OGEMMulti Op Single Tx146624WD8S2009
ONTOSingle Op Low Power99WB8RVK2015
OSCESingle Op High Power30700N8NJA2016
OSCESingle Op Low Power6438N8NJA2015
OSCEMulti Op Multi Tx4W8RU2016
OSCOSingle Op Low Power8253N8CAM2016
OSCOMulti Op Single Tx12775N9KOP2021
OTSESingle Op High Power12802WD8DX2011
OTSESingle Op Low Power1269KC9ON2013
OTSEMulti Op Multi Tx189486N8MG2024
OTTASingle Op High Power27390WD8T2022
OTTASingle Op Low Power21252WD8T2011
OTTAMulti Op Single Tx2173NR8J2021
OTTAMulti Op Multi Tx164656W8CSO2024
PEISingle Op High Power30VY2LI2012
PEISingle Op Low Power90VY2LI2010
PRESSingle Op High Power46750KX8D2020
PRESSingle Op Low Power17941WB8TQZ2015
PRESMulti Op Single Tx69382KX8D2022
PRESMulti Op Multi Tx49980KX8D2011
ROSCSingle Op Low Power139675K8MM2022
SAGISingle Op High Power69168W8DW2015
SAGISingle Op Low Power71070W8DW2013
SAGIMulti Op Single Tx12420K6JSS2011
SAGISingle Op QRP27604WA8REI2012
SANISingle Op Low Power39100K8MAD2013
SANIMulti Op Single Tx10200KD8CCX2009
SANIMulti Op Multi Tx114700K8UO2013
SANISingle Op QRP4080WB8E2013
SCHOSingle Op Low Power1184KD8HNF2016
SCHOSingle Op QRP25813N8I2016
SHIASingle Op Low Power6264AB8VS2016
SHIAMulti Op Single Tx11960W8QQQ2015
SHIASingle Op QRP2982AB8VS2024
STCLSingle Op High Power346815NA8V2022
STCLSingle Op Low Power178296NA8V2013
STCLMulti Op Single Tx156927K8EPV2013
STCLMulti Op Multi Tx354308K8EPV2008
STJOSingle Op Low Power8844KB8M2011
STJOMulti Op Single Tx143976N9FN2010
STJOMulti Op Multi Tx4W8ZZ2011
TUSCSingle Op High Power56028WI8A2022
TUSCSingle Op Low Power55284WI8A2011
TUSCMulti Op Multi Tx19584N8ZSA2016
TUSCSingle Op QRP17940WI8A2020
VANBSingle Op High Power35378K8SWD2024
VANBSingle Op Low Power37026K8SWD2010
VANBMulti Op Single Tx312WD8MWT2010
VANBMulti Op Multi Tx2590W8ZZ2011
WASHSingle Op High Power83034K8QKY2022
WASHSingle Op Low Power202005N8M2010
WASHMulti Op Single Tx45177W8RP2019
WASHMulti Op Multi Tx592074K8MQP2008
WASHSingle Op QRP68310KT8K2013
WASHMobile Multi Op7614N8HAM2023
WAYNSingle Op High Power240684N8SS2008
WAYNSingle Op Low Power136214N8SS2015
WAYNMulti Op Single Tx18360W8MRM2016
WEXFSingle Op High Power110N8PWE2015
WEXFSingle Op Low Power45448WA8UPB2024
WEXFMulti Op Single Tx10036K8WZS2008
WEXFMulti Op Multi Tx100W8ZZ2013
Entries: 300