Logs Received by Call

Please verify your callsign, entry category and club information is correct. If they are not correct, please resubmit your log using the log submittal web page. We use the last information submitted and ignore any prior submissions.

CallCategoryRaw ScoreClub
AA3RFixed Single Op High345Frankford Radio Club
AA3SFixed Single Op Low2816Potomac Valley Radio Club
AA4DDFixed Single Op High2820Tennessee Contest Group
AA4TIFixed Single Op High312Florida Contest Group
AA8CQMulti Op Single-Xmtr4017
AA8LFFixed Single Op QRP21460
AA8TAFixed Single Op Low736
AB1XQFixed Single Op Low304
AB5XMFixed Single Op Low2
AB8OUFixed Single Op Low1323Mad River Radio Club
AB8VSFixed Single Op Low2698Shiawassee Amateur Radio Association
AB9BZFixed Single Op QRP72
AC0EFixed Single Op High286
AC0WFixed Single Op Low2560Minnesota Wireless Assn
AC2YDFixed Single Op QRP1134North American QRP CW Club
AC8JFFixed Single Op Low8978Hazel Park ARC
AC8KDFixed Single Op Low224Motor City Radio Club
AD1CFixed Single Op Low128Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado
AD4EBFixed Single Op High846Tennessee Contest Group
AD8JFixed Single Op Low1628South East Contest Club
AD8MPFixed Single Op Low3344
AD8RFixed Single Op High33361Thumb Area Contesters
AE8JFMobile multi-op832Arrow Communications Assn
AF5JFixed Single Op High1020Texas DX Society
AJ4HPFixed Single Op Low169Florida Contest Group
AJ4LNFixed Single Op Low638Sterling Park ARC
K0PCFixed Single Op Low160Minnesota Wireless Assn
K0RJWFixed Single Op Low480Minnesota Wireless Assn
K0TCFixed Single Op Low1080Minnesota Wireless Assn
K0WRYFixed Single Op Low684
K1BZFixed Single Op High989Potomac Valley Radio Club
K2ALFixed Single Op Low3720New Providence ARC
K2DFCFixed Single Op Low78
K2LATFixed Single Op Low9
K2YGFixed Single Op QRP765New Providence ARC
K3MAWFixed Single Op Low6Potomac Valley Radio Club
K3PAXMulti Op Multi-Xmtr4545Potomac Valley Radio Club
K3QPFixed Single Op Low5043Frankford Radio Club
K3TNFixed Single Op Low992Potomac Valley Radio Club
K3TWFixed Single Op Low1Florida Contest Group
K3YPFixed Single Op Low672
K3ZGAFixed Single Op High50
K4BAIFixed Single Op High2304South East Contest Club
K4BSKFixed Single Op Low448
K4DRFixed Single Op Low16Tennessee Contest Group
K4FTFixed Single Op Low1680Swamp Fox Contest Group
K4GMFixed Single Op Low1040Potomac Valley Radio Club
K4NMRFixed Single Op High2220Florida Contest Group
K4ORDFixed Single Op Low1584Potomac Valley Radio Club
K4RUMFixed Single Op High60Hudson Valley Contesters and DXers
K4SBZFixed Single Op Low120Florida Contest Group
K5CMFixed Single Op High8800Oklahoma DX Assn
K5IXFixed Single Op Low98Central Texas DX and Contest Club
K5KBGFixed Single Op High1
K5TIAFixed Single Op High1260Texas DX Society
K5VGFixed Single Op High2
K5YXFixed Single Op Low264Lake Area Amateur Radio Klub
K5ZZRFixed Single Op High42
K6BBQFixed Single Op Low4
K6KQVFixed Single Op Low8Northern California Contest Club
K7AEZMobile multi-op1
K7SVFixed Single Op Low12736Potomac Valley Radio Club
K8AOFixed Single Op High62560
K8BRCEOC2812Black River Amateur Radio Club
K8EOFixed Single Op High1296Lanse Creuse ARC
K8ESQFixed Single Op High2625Southeastern Michigan DX Assn
K8GLFixed Single Op Low828Bay Area DXers
K8JQFixed Single Op High1224
K8LXMulti Op Multi-Xmtr39538Bay Area DXers
K8MMMobile multi-op93420Thumb Area Contesters
K8MQPMulti Op Single-Xmtr199369South Lyon Area ARC
K8MRFixed Single Op Low1360Florida Contest Group
K8NWFixed Single Op Low130
K8RGIFixed Single Op Low3872
K8SAWFixed Single Op Low1800Keweenaw County Repeater Association
K8THUFixed Single Op Low3124Motor City Radio Club
K8TMKFixed Single Op High1485Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
K8TSFixed Single Op High24598
K8TXMFixed Single Op Low66
K8YVFixed Single Op Low3780
K9DURFixed Single Op Low144Society of Midwest Contesters
K9JPFixed Single Op Low2738Motor City Radio Club
K9NWFixed Single Op High216Southwest Ohio Dx Association
KA0AZSFixed Single Op Low169
KA6BIMFixed Single Op High10730Willamette Valley DX Club
KA8JBKFixed Single Op Low36176
KA9GDWFixed Single Op Low621
KB3FWFixed Single Op Low112South East Contest Club
KB4DEFixed Single Op Low476
KB8PGWFixed Single Op Low2958
KB8TLFixed Single Op Low1080Livonia Amateur Radio Club
KB8TYJFixed Single Op High55573
KB8WFixed Single Op Low11368
KB8ZRFixed Single Op High80
KB9LGSFixed Single Op Low80
KC0INPFixed Single Op Low1020
KC1OTFixed Single Op Low720
KC1QEMFixed Single Op Low1064
KC2WUFFixed Single Op Low48New Providence ARC
KC3KRZFixed Single Op High42
KC3RRFFixed Single Op Low90
KC5GFLFixed Single Op Low49
KC8ITIFixed Single Op Low1333Midland Amateur Radio Club
KC8PKYFixed Single Op Low598
KC8YEJFixed Single Op Low748Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
KC8ZIQFixed Single Op Low9Motor City Radio Club
KD2KEHFixed Single Op Low56Niagara Frontier Radiosport
KD2REHFixed Single Op Low121
KD5CFAFixed Single Op Low42
KD8AUZFixed Single Op High37904
KD8FSMobile multi-op51968Minnesota Wireless Assn
KD8IPFFixed Single Op Low425
KD8RGPFixed Single Op QRP25
KD8RHBFixed Single Op Low10584
KD8TJBFixed Single Op Low130
KD8VTTFixed Single Op Low4560
KD9KEQFixed Single Op Low580
KD9NHZFixed Single Op Low63Bolingbrook ARS
KD9VGMFixed Single Op Low20
KE0TTFixed Single Op Low714
KE6GFIFixed Single Op High660Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
KE8CUGFixed Single Op Low750
KE8FSRFixed Single Op QRP1276
KE8JVXFixed Single Op Low99
KE8NBCFixed Single Op High442
KE8PXFixed Single Op Low160Seneca Radio Club
KE8TNCEOC1829Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
KE8UADFixed Single Op Low2856
KE8VCFixed Single Op Low28428
KE8WVBFixed Single Op Low384Saginaw Valley ARA
KF0AITFixed Single Op Low16
KF3GFixed Single Op Low98
KF6NCXFixed Single Op High672Northern California Contest Club
KF8MZFixed Single Op High600Dayton Amateur Radio Association
KF9CPFixed Single Op Low4
KG5LRBFixed Single Op Low143
KG8NFixed Single Op Low2600
KI6OYFixed Single Op Low180Northern California Contest Club
KJ8HFixed Single Op High450Monroe County Radio Comm Assn
KJ9BFixed Single Op High551Society of Midwest Contesters
KJ9CFixed Single Op High988Society of Midwest Contesters
KK4CSFixed Single Op Low36
KM4IAJFixed Single Op Low360
KN4ZXGFixed Single Op Low504
KN6BAZFixed Single Op Low2
KO4UOJFixed Single Op Low144
KR4AEFixed Single Op QRP442South East Contest Club
KS9WIFixed Single Op Low2296
KU4AFixed Single Op QRP260Kentucky Contest Group
KV0IFixed Single Op High1300Heartland DX Association
KV2XFixed Single Op Low32Rochester (NY) DX Assn
KW4GFFixed Single Op Low253Great South Bay ARC
KX1WFixed Single Op Low4South Jersey DX Assn
KY0QFixed Single Op QRP864North American QRP CW Club
KY4GSFixed Single Op Low144South East Contest Club
KZ3PFixed Single Op High414Swamp Fox Contest Group
LA8OMFixed Single Op High18
LY5WFixed Single Op High2500
N0GNFixed Single Op High88Heartland DX Association
N0JNMFixed Single Op Low16
N0LMQFixed Single Op QRP96
N1SOHMulti Op Single-Xmtr228Yankee Clipper Contest Club
N2MEEFixed Single Op Low24
N2MTGFixed Single Op Low25Hudson Valley Contesters and DXers
N3KNFixed Single Op High780Potomac Valley Radio Club
N3WRFixed Single Op Low770Delaware-Lehigh ARC
N4CWFixed Single Op Low2288Potomac Valley Radio Club
N4IUFixed Single Op Low32
N4MCCFixed Single Op Low600Tennessee Contest Group
N4NTOFixed Single Op Low264Potomac Valley Radio Club
N4QIFixed Single Op Low390Swamp Fox Contest Group
N5EPFixed Single Op Low988Fox River Radio League
N5KBFixed Single Op Low6Minnesota Wireless Assn
N5KFFixed Single Op Low196Central Texas DX and Contest Club
N5KWFixed Single Op High594Oklahoma DX Assn
N5MKYFixed Single Op Low13213Southern Michigan Amateur Radio Society
N5WCSFixed Single Op Low782Lanse Creuse ARC
N7AMEFixed Single Op Low63
N7EPDFixed Single Op High2336Western Washington DX Club
N7MZWFixed Single Op Low256Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado
N8BZNFixed Single Op Low4806Monroe County Radio Comm Assn
N8DNAFixed Single Op Low720
N8DXRFixed Single Op High33592Monroe County Radio Comm Assn
N8ERLFixed Single Op High52644Saginaw Valley ARA
N8FYLFixed Single Op Low61440Lanse Creuse ARC
N8HAMMobile multi-op8344South Lyon Area ARC
N8IGMFixed Single Op Low1674Ogemaw-Arenac ARS
N8IIFixed Single Op Low5559Potomac Valley Radio Club
N8IXPFixed Single Op Low4
N8KAMFixed Single Op Low77Motor City Radio Club
N8KBGFixed Single Op Low1178Bolingbrook ARS
N8KDFixed Single Op Low26402
N8KRFixed Single Op High13440Society of Midwest Contesters
N8KVMulti Op Single-Xmtr141750Cherryland Amateur Radio Club
N8LCMulti Op Multi-Xmtr95550Lanse Creuse ARC
N8LJFixed Single Op High115624Thumb Area Contesters
N8LPDEOC217704Livonia Amateur Radio Club
N8MKGFixed Single Op Low5880Lanse Creuse ARC
N8MMEFixed Single Op Low2196Genessee County RC
N8OLMulti Op Multi-Xmtr52290Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
N8RBSFixed Single Op Low5220Ogemaw-Arenac ARS
N8RELFixed Single Op Low40Hazel Park ARC
N8RGAFixed Single Op Low18705
N8SBEFixed Single Op High13984Arrow Communications Assn
N8SOBFixed Single Op Low75208
N8SSFixed Single Op Low102950Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
N8VVFixed Single Op Low612Coshocton County Amateur Radio Assocatio
N8WNAFixed Single Op Low1961
N8XIFixed Single Op Low2555Livonia Amateur Radio Club
N8YSSFixed Single Op Low2360
N8ZSAMulti Op Single-Xmtr36838Central Michigan Emergency Network
N8ZVXFixed Single Op Low20025
N9EEEFixed Single Op QRP50North American QRP CW Club
N9FATFixed Single Op Low9450
N9TFFixed Single Op Low1375Tennessee Contest Group
NA8VFixed Single Op High169357Bay Area DXers
NE8PFixed Single Op High8918Florida Contest Group
NI8WFixed Single Op QRP1276
NM2AFixed Single Op Low4096
NN6UFixed Single Op Low16Northern California Contest Club
NR0PFixed Single Op Low99
NS4XFixed Single Op High84Tennessee Contest Group
NW0MFixed Single Op Low1152
NW5QFixed Single Op Low255DFW Contest Group
OM2VLFixed Single Op High8427
PY1CGFixed Single Op High20
SP5SAFixed Single Op High40
VA3GKOFixed Single Op Low800Contest Club Ontario
VA3IDDFixed Single Op Low2013
VA3IJKFixed Single Op Low1624
VA3PCFixed Single Op Low460Contest Club Ontario
VA4JPFixed Single Op Low780Radiosport Manitoba
VA6RCNFixed Single Op Low253Contest Club Ontario
VE2GTFixed Single Op High28Contest Group du Quebec
VE2KLWFixed Single Op Low143
VE3DQNFixed Single Op QRP588Contest Club Ontario
VE3GEFixed Single Op Low0
VE3HZFixed Single Op Low3780Contest Club Ontario
VE3JZTFixed Single Op Low640Contest Club Ontario
VE3KMQFixed Single Op Low468
VE3KTBFixed Single Op High322Contest Club Ontario
VE3RGOFixed Single Op Low340Contest Club Ontario
VE3TWFixed Single Op High2926Contest Club Ontario
VE9RLWFixed Single Op Low285
W0BHFixed Single Op Low221
W0PIFixed Single Op Low6624Minnesota Wireless Assn
W1ENDFixed Single Op Low1218Yankee Clipper Contest Club
W2BUDFixed Single Op Low2
W2LCFixed Single Op Low5635
W2TBFixed Single Op High1134Niagara Frontier Radiosport
W2XYZFixed Single Op High220Florida Contest Group
W3CBFixed Single Op Low12265Potomac Valley Radio Club
W3USFixed Single Op High750Florida Contest Group
W3WHKFixed Single Op Low2046Frankford Radio Club
W4CDAFixed Single Op Low384
W4MPSFixed Single Op Low627Potomac Valley Radio Club
W4QDVFixed Single Op Low902North Fulton Amateur Radio League
W4SPRFixed Single Op Low600Florida Contest Group
W4VGFixed Single Op High1386
W5DTFixed Single Op Low21490Hazel Park ARC
W6GMTFixed Single Op Low84Minnesota Wireless Assn
W7GFFixed Single Op High2350
W7LGFixed Single Op QRP364Frankford Radio Club
W8AITFixed Single Op Low2124
W8AWEMulti Op Single-Xmtr25480
W8BIFixed Single Op High2272Dayton Amateur Radio Association
W8BSDFixed Single Op Low1
W8BUHFixed Single Op Low10117Ogemaw-Arenac ARS
W8BZYFixed Single Op Low456
W8CAFixed Single Op Low2088
W8DCMulti Op Multi-Xmtr16013Grand Rapids Amateur Radio Association
W8DCQFixed Single Op Low9620
W8DWFixed Single Op Low31824Saginaw Valley ARA
W8EWHFixed Single Op Low21350Mad River Radio Club
W8FSMFixed Single Op Low56166Central Michigan Emergency Network
W8JJFixed Single Op Low10710Bay Area DXers
W8JRKFixed Single Op Low12482
W8KFixed Single Op Low704Keweenaw County Repeater Association
W8KNOFixed Single Op Low660Portage County Amateur Radio Service
W8KNXFixed Single Op Low1Keweenaw County Repeater Association
W8KRZFixed Single Op Low180
W8MKRFixed Single Op Low2380
W8MSCFixed Single Op Low10281South Lyon Area ARC
W8PIFixed Single Op Low33026Monroe County Radio Comm Assn
W8RADFixed Single Op Low3666
W8RPFixed Single Op QRP16030Arrow Communications Assn
W8RURover2232Mad River Radio Club
W8RZFixed Single Op Low5148
W8SHMulti Op Single-Xmtr78750Michigan State University ARC
W8SJSFixed Single Op Low5720Wexaukee Amateur Radio Club of Cadillac
W8TGBFixed Single Op Low805Hazel Park ARC
W8TOMFixed Single Op Low4416
W8UEFixed Single Op Low5928
W8UMFixed Single Op Low16400University of Michigan Amateur Radio Clu
W8USAMulti Op Single-Xmtr63373Michigan Amateur Radio Alliance
W9DCFixed Single Op Low4815
W9QLFixed Single Op Low3276Society of Midwest Contesters
W9REFixed Single Op Low1892Society of Midwest Contesters
W9STFixed Single Op Low182
W9TCVFixed Single Op Low110
WA0MHJFixed Single Op Low3690Minnesota Wireless Assn
WA1SAYFixed Single Op Low12
WA1UJUFixed Single Op Low82940
WA3AANFixed Single Op High4730
WA4JAFixed Single Op Low110Tennessee Contest Group
WA6KHKFixed Single Op High10150Southern California Contest Club
WA8AHZFixed Single Op Low165Potomac Valley Radio Club
WA8UPBFixed Single Op Low45425Wexaukee Amateur Radio Club of Cadillac
WA8YFixed Single Op High131068Bay Area DXers
WA8ZBTFixed Single Op Low3060DFW Contest Group
WA8ZNCFixed Single Op Low280Willamette Valley DX Club
WA9LEYFixed Single Op Low704Metro DX Club
WA9LKFFixed Single Op Low2064
WA9PNDFixed Single Op Low460Society of Midwest Contesters
WA9YIFixed Single Op Low360
WB2FUEFixed Single Op Low1056
WB2FUVFixed Single Op Low1760
WB2PJHFixed Single Op Low128Frankford Radio Club
WB7WHGFixed Single Op High8Central Oregon DX Club
WB8HSLFixed Single Op Low10659
WB9HFKFixed Single Op Low7904Society of Midwest Contesters
WD4FMGFixed Single Op Low72
WI8AFixed Single Op High10692
WN8SFixed Single Op Low1836
WN8YFixed Single Op Low9Tennessee Contest Group
WO9BFixed Single Op Low864West Allis RAC
WQ6XFixed Single Op Low18
WW5LFixed Single Op High285
Number of logs received: 329