Logs Received by Category with Scores

Please keep in mind these are unofficial submitted scores to help entrants sanity check what we received vs their logging program. Please also verify your entry category and club information is correct. If they are not correct, please resubmit your log using the log submittal web page. We use the last information submitted and ignore any prior submissions.

CallCategoryRaw ScoreClub
N8LPDEOC310948Livonia Amateur Radio Club
NA8VFixed Single Op High350930Bay Area DXers
K2CUBFixed Single Op High249195Society of Midwest Contesters
N8SSFixed Single Op High214630Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
WA8YFixed Single Op High198720Bay Area DXers
WD8SFixed Single Op High132979Hazel Park ARC
K8QKYFixed Single Op High87168
N8DXRFixed Single Op High75020Monroe County Radio Comm Assn
AD8RFixed Single Op High65098Thumb Area Contesters
WI8AFixed Single Op High60258Tusco Amateur Radio Club
N8ERLFixed Single Op High57820Saginaw Valley ARA
K8AJJFixed Single Op High50568Lanse Creuse ARC
K8LXFixed Single Op High41160Bay Area DXers
N8SBEFixed Single Op High40837Arrow Communications Assn
W8TOMFixed Single Op High40252
KD8AUZFixed Single Op High39292Saginaw Valley ARA
AD8BUFixed Single Op High30504Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
WD8TFixed Single Op High28392
AD8JFixed Single Op High24240South East Contest Club
K5KGFixed Single Op High23014Florida Contest Group
K8RCTFixed Single Op High20748Cherryland Amateur Radio Club
K1LTFixed Single Op High17340Mad River Radio Club
W3LLFixed Single Op High13542Potomac Valley Radio Club
KA6BIMFixed Single Op High13275Willamette Valley DX Club
NE8PFixed Single Op High11256Florida Contest Group
K3WJVFixed Single Op High10120Frankford Radio Club
AA3RFixed Single Op High9971Frankford Radio Club
K8GVKFixed Single Op High9048Michigan State University ARC
N2SQWFixed Single Op High7701Hudson Valley Contesters and DXers
NE9UFixed Single Op High6837Minnesota Wireless Assn
W1SSNFixed Single Op High6604
VE3TWFixed Single Op High6375Contest Club Ontario
KV0IFixed Single Op High5895Heartland DX Association
W9DZFixed Single Op High5474Society of Midwest Contesters
NS2NFixed Single Op High5355Niagara Frontier Radiosport
VA3ZVFixed Single Op High5280Contest Club Ontario
K8TMKFixed Single Op High4928Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
AA4TIFixed Single Op High4407Florida Contest Group
K5AEMFixed Single Op High4292
AC6ZMFixed Single Op High4060Tennessee Contest Group
KD8FSFixed Single Op High3854
N3KNFixed Single Op High3549Potomac Valley Radio Club
W8BIFixed Single Op High3534Dayton Amateur Radio Association
K0TQFixed Single Op High3510Society of Midwest Contesters
W0BHFixed Single Op High3510
K9YCFixed Single Op High3380Northern California Contest Club
W8SOOFixed Single Op High3358
K0TCFixed Single Op High3120Minnesota Wireless Assn
W0XGFixed Single Op High3120
K5CMFixed Single Op High3103
W4UTFixed Single Op High3045Tennessee Contest Group
KD5JFixed Single Op High2997
N5EPFixed Single Op High2548Fox River Radio League
K4NMRFixed Single Op High2508Florida Contest Group
N1DFDFixed Single Op High2432Yankee Clipper Contest Club
K5TIAFixed Single Op High2392Texas DX Society
N1CGPFixed Single Op High2300
AF5JFixed Single Op High2226Texas DX Society
KY7MFixed Single Op High2220Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
K4BAIFixed Single Op High2175South East Contest Club
K8LFFixed Single Op High2150Potomac Valley Radio Club
AA4DDFixed Single Op High2068Tennessee Contest Group
W1FJFixed Single Op High1892Yankee Clipper Contest Club
KF5MUFixed Single Op High1855
KJ9CFixed Single Op High1848Society of Midwest Contesters
N6TQFixed Single Op High1840Northern California Contest Club
NG4VFixed Single Op High1815Tennessee Contest Group
K4QPLFixed Single Op High1804Potomac Valley Radio Club
K0PCFixed Single Op High1520Minnesota Wireless Assn
K4YCRFixed Single Op High1496Potomac Valley Radio Club
KU8EFixed Single Op High1482South East Contest Club
W6AFAFixed Single Op High1428Southern California Contest Club
W4NZFixed Single Op High1332Tennessee Contest Group
K1BZFixed Single Op High1275Yankee Clipper Contest Club
K7GKFixed Single Op High1272Northern California Contest Club
N7EPDFixed Single Op High1239Western Washington DX Club
WW5LFixed Single Op High1215
AC8GFFixed Single Op High1166
K2QOFixed Single Op High1080Niagara Frontier Radiosport
WA5LXSFixed Single Op High1035DFW Contest Group
VE2GTFixed Single Op High1014Contest Group du Quebec
K1JBFixed Single Op High1012Yankee Clipper Contest Club
NR0PFixed Single Op High988
OM2VLFixed Single Op High946
W1ARYFixed Single Op High750
WI6XFixed Single Op High630Southern California Contest Club
NS4XFixed Single Op High578Tennessee Contest Group
K4RUMFixed Single Op High576Hudson Valley Contesters and DXers
W7GFFixed Single Op High546
K4SBZFixed Single Op High486Florida Contest Group
K9CTFixed Single Op High450Society of Midwest Contesters
W8SKBFixed Single Op High440Ogemaw-Arenac ARS
KE8NBCFixed Single Op High425
WA4AHFixed Single Op High315
K9AEEFixed Single Op High288
N1FRFixed Single Op High270
N5KWFixed Single Op High242
N8NJAFixed Single Op High224Wexaukee Amateur Radio Club of Cadillac
KE6GFIFixed Single Op High210Central Arizona DX Assn
N2SOFixed Single Op High180Hudson Valley Contesters and DXers
K8TRFixed Single Op High136Northern California Contest Club
KA4OTBFixed Single Op High132Tennessee Contest Group
N3QEFixed Single Op High108Potomac Valley Radio Club
W6KCFixed Single Op High84Southern California Contest Club
WB2PJHFixed Single Op High84Frankford Radio Club
AC0EFixed Single Op High80
N4CZFixed Single Op High49
N2MEEFixed Single Op High42
W6AGZFixed Single Op High36
WA1UJUFixed Single Op Low168848
W8JJFixed Single Op Low163676Bay Area DXers
N8FYLFixed Single Op Low148980Lanse Creuse ARC
K8MMFixed Single Op Low140883Thumb Area Contesters
WB8MIWFixed Single Op Low103833Grand Rapids Amateur Radio Association
K8BBFixed Single Op Low103416Mad River Radio Club
W8RPFixed Single Op Low82688Arrow Communications Assn
KE8VCFixed Single Op Low78246
W8SHFixed Single Op Low75920Michigan State University ARC
N8LJFixed Single Op Low72288Thumb Area Contesters
W8DWFixed Single Op Low71817Saginaw Valley ARA
N8EAFixed Single Op Low69300Thumb Area Contesters
KA8JBKFixed Single Op Low62250
N8XIFixed Single Op Low58750Livonia Amateur Radio Club
K8AZTFixed Single Op Low57000Livonia Amateur Radio Club
N8KDFixed Single Op Low53466
W5DT/8Fixed Single Op Low53040Hazel Park ARC
W8PIFixed Single Op Low49720Monroe County Radio Comm Assn
N8KVFixed Single Op Low42816Cherryland Amateur Radio Club
W8MSCFixed Single Op Low36672South Lyon Area ARC
W8ZZXFixed Single Op Low35343Central Michigan ARC
W8EWHFixed Single Op Low34310Mad River Radio Club
AD8BVFixed Single Op Low33820Central Michigan ARC
W8MFixed Single Op Low33033
K8EKFixed Single Op Low30912Cherryland Amateur Radio Club
W8BUHFixed Single Op Low26970Ogemaw-Arenac ARS
K8EETFixed Single Op Low24752Bay Area DXers
N8MSFixed Single Op Low20000Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
W8MTBFixed Single Op Low18942
N8IIFixed Single Op Low18796Potomac Valley Radio Club
WF5XFixed Single Op Low16660
K9GDFixed Single Op Low16575Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
N5MKYFixed Single Op Low16491Southern Michigan Amateur Radio Society
W8FSMFixed Single Op Low16302
K2DFCFixed Single Op Low16284
N4XLFixed Single Op Low14770Swamp Fox Contest Group
W8DCQFixed Single Op Low13300
N8BZNFixed Single Op Low12600Monroe County Radio Comm Assn
K0TEAFixed Single Op Low12567
WB9HFKFixed Single Op Low12276Society of Midwest Contesters
N7ZZFixed Single Op Low11904
N8DMHFixed Single Op Low11316Cherryland Amateur Radio Club
K8RDJFixed Single Op Low11041Utica Shelby Emergency Communications As
AC8JFFixed Single Op Low11025Hazel Park ARC
W8UEFixed Single Op Low10660
W8JRKFixed Single Op Low10132Michigan State University ARC
WT8WVFixed Single Op Low10089
W9QLFixed Single Op Low9954Society of Midwest Contesters
KC8YEJFixed Single Op Low9765Mad River Radio Club
WA5SOGFixed Single Op Low9752Fort Smith ARC
KN8NFixed Single Op Low8618Bay Area DXers
KE8PXFixed Single Op Low7755
W8MKFixed Single Op Low7446Thumb Area Contesters
K8GTFixed Single Op Low7280Livonia Amateur Radio Club
W8LHPFixed Single Op Low7236Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
W8KIDFixed Single Op Low7119
WA3FAEFixed Single Op Low7072Potomac Valley Radio Club
KD8WAMFixed Single Op Low6968Cherryland Amateur Radio Club
K2PIFixed Single Op Low6708
KU8RLYFixed Single Op Low6612
N8AVXFixed Single Op Low6554
K8RGIFixed Single Op Low6240
N8DWMFixed Single Op Low5777
KG8NFixed Single Op Low5684
K8ZAAFixed Single Op Low5304
AB8VSFixed Single Op Low5014Shiawassee Amateur Radio Association
KJ8FIZFixed Single Op Low4851
WO9BFixed Single Op Low4826West Allis RAC
K4YJFixed Single Op Low4592Southwest Ohio Dx Association
AB8OUFixed Single Op Low4532
W3WHKFixed Single Op Low4500Frankford Radio Club
AA4RFixed Single Op Low4387Carolina DX Association
N2CUFixed Single Op Low4371
KG8PFixed Single Op Low4180Monroe County Radio Comm Assn
KC8OYTFixed Single Op Low4080
AC4GFixed Single Op Low3813Tennessee Contest Group
VE3MVFixed Single Op Low3658Contest Club Ontario
K9CWFixed Single Op Low3600Society of Midwest Contesters
K8AJSFixed Single Op Low3440Wayne Amateur Radio Club
W8KNXFixed Single Op Low3408Keweenaw County Repeater Association
K4GMFixed Single Op Low3402Potomac Valley Radio Club
WN8SFixed Single Op Low3358
WB2FUEFixed Single Op Low3280
W8AORFixed Single Op Low3268Muskegon Area Amateur Radio Council
K2ALFixed Single Op Low3237New Providence ARC
KE8UADFixed Single Op Low3150
W9REFixed Single Op Low3050Society of Midwest Contesters
K4ZGBFixed Single Op Low3016Alabama Contest Group
WN4AFPFixed Single Op Low2944Swamp Fox Contest Group
N8VOXFixed Single Op Low2940Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
N5WCSFixed Single Op Low2923Lanse Creuse ARC
KB4CGFixed Single Op Low2912
VE3HZFixed Single Op Low2870Contest Club Ontario
WB2FUVFixed Single Op Low2850Hudson Valley Contesters and DXers
KK4ADQFixed Single Op Low2812Potomac Valley Radio Club
K4DRFixed Single Op Low2774Tennessee Contest Group
K4FTFixed Single Op Low2650Swamp Fox Contest Group
K8MRFixed Single Op Low2639Florida Contest Group
KE0TTFixed Single Op Low2550
K4BYNFixed Single Op Low2530
KB9SFixed Single Op Low2400Minnesota Wireless Assn
VE3JZTFixed Single Op Low2376
WA8ZBTFixed Single Op Low2349DFW Contest Group
KY4GSFixed Single Op Low2340South East Contest Club
W8SDCFixed Single Op Low2318Cascades ARC
W8WWPFixed Single Op Low2280Lanse Creuse ARC
N9HDEFixed Single Op Low2268
W9TAFixed Single Op Low2268
K8WWSFixed Single Op Low2254Dial Radio Club
N8IGMFixed Single Op Low2176Ogemaw-Arenac ARS
K3YPFixed Single Op Low2142
W9TCFixed Single Op Low2080Society of Midwest Contesters
WA9YIFixed Single Op Low1960
WX1JFixed Single Op Low1856Cherryland Amateur Radio Club
KB4DEFixed Single Op Low1850
W8ZHOFixed Single Op Low1848Muskegon Area Amateur Radio Council
K1VUTFixed Single Op Low1804
N8WNAFixed Single Op Low1798
N1XIFixed Single Op Low1775
K9WPVFixed Single Op Low1740
K0WRYFixed Single Op Low1722Heartland DX Association
N8MMEFixed Single Op Low1632Genessee County RC
W8ELDFixed Single Op Low1610South Lyon Area ARC
VE3AYRFixed Single Op Low1540Contest Club Ontario
N8DNAFixed Single Op Low1540
K0JPFixed Single Op Low1534Radiosport Manitoba
W0ADLFixed Single Op Low1519Ashtabula County Amateur Radio Club
WB8ASIFixed Single Op Low1488Bay Area DXers
WA9LEYFixed Single Op Low1480Metro DX Club
AE8MFixed Single Op Low1470
WA8KANFixed Single Op Low1452
KJ9BFixed Single Op Low1426Society of Midwest Contesters
N0HDRFixed Single Op Low1400
AA9SJFixed Single Op Low1395
K4KOFixed Single Op Low1344Tennessee Contest Group
N8NMFixed Single Op Low1342
K5YXFixed Single Op Low1311Lake County Amateur Radio Assocation
W4YPWFixed Single Op Low1305Dayton Amateur Radio Association
KE8GFixed Single Op Low1292Deep Dixie Contest Club
W8BZYFixed Single Op Low1292
AI6OFixed Single Op Low1288
KR8UFixed Single Op Low1280
N8NAFixed Single Op Low1272Frankford Radio Club
N4NTOFixed Single Op Low1240Potomac Valley Radio Club
NR8JFixed Single Op Low1161
K0MPHFixed Single Op Low1160Minnesota Wireless Assn
KM4IAJFixed Single Op Low1134
AJ4LNFixed Single Op Low1118Sterling Park ARC
KC0LQLFixed Single Op Low1100
N3IWFixed Single Op Low1080
W1ENDFixed Single Op Low1080Yankee Clipper Contest Club
KE9VFixed Single Op Low1060Holland ARC
VA3PCFixed Single Op Low1053Contest Club Ontario
K9NWFixed Single Op Low1026Southwest Ohio Dx Association
AA8TAFixed Single Op Low1020
K4BSKFixed Single Op Low986
KD5CFAFixed Single Op Low966
W8BBKFixed Single Op Low962
W4CMGFixed Single Op Low960Tennessee Contest Group
NU4NFixed Single Op Low920Kentucky Contest Group
KF9VVFixed Single Op Low918Driftless Zone Contesters
WA9LKFFixed Single Op Low912
W3TBFixed Single Op Low884
K7ZYVFixed Single Op Low874
WN8QFixed Single Op Low864
NY9PFixed Single Op Low850
W9AEMFixed Single Op Low828
WA9TMUFixed Single Op Low816
WU4BFixed Single Op Low800South East Contest Club
KD7HUFixed Single Op Low782
K4TZFixed Single Op Low782Kentucky Contest Group
KE6GLAFixed Single Op Low779
W0COEFixed Single Op Low775
W1QKFixed Single Op Low768
AB1XQFixed Single Op Low744Yankee Clipper Contest Club
KC8JXFixed Single Op Low744Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
VA3PAFFixed Single Op Low741Contest Club Ontario
KF4QFJFixed Single Op Low736
W1NNFixed Single Op Low728North Coast Contesters
N4QIFixed Single Op Low720Swamp Fox Contest Group
KB9LGSFixed Single Op Low720
W8GTZFixed Single Op Low720Motor City Radio Club
KG4SRKFixed Single Op Low704
N8RWFixed Single Op Low704
KD2KWFixed Single Op Low690
N9NMFixed Single Op Low690Central Texas DX and Contest Club
K9CPOFixed Single Op Low640
AC9QMFixed Single Op Low630
KW4EEFixed Single Op Low616
K8NWFixed Single Op Low616Ohkyin Amateur Radio Society
KE0LFixed Single Op Low612Tennessee Contest Group
N7MZWFixed Single Op Low609Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado
AB4GGFixed Single Op Low609Tennessee Contest Group
N8REAFixed Single Op Low594
N8AJMFixed Single Op Low580
KC8GTEFixed Single Op Low580
KM4FOFixed Single Op Low572Kentucky Contest Group
KE8TXDFixed Single Op Low500Keweenaw County Repeater Association
W8WTSFixed Single Op Low494Mad River Radio Club
N6GPFixed Single Op Low476Southern California Contest Club
WA8UMTFixed Single Op Low476
NJ8JFixed Single Op Low476South East Contest Club
KC2WUFFixed Single Op Low442New Providence ARC
VE2CROFixed Single Op Low432
W4JHFixed Single Op Low378
KC8ULEFixed Single Op Low378
VA3KRJFixed Single Op Low368
KB0UPCFixed Single Op Low368
AC8WCFixed Single Op Low352
KD9GYFixed Single Op Low324Society of Midwest Contesters
VE9RLWFixed Single Op Low322
KD9LVRFixed Single Op Low272
WB4EFixed Single Op Low270
N2PTFFixed Single Op Low270
VE3GKTFixed Single Op Low270
W0PIFixed Single Op Low264Minnesota Wireless Assn
K3ZGAFixed Single Op Low242
WA8AHZFixed Single Op Low238Potomac Valley Radio Club
K5MAYFixed Single Op Low224Lake Area Amateur Radio Klub
KD8TJBFixed Single Op Low221
KE8EFixed Single Op Low221
VA2KDFixed Single Op Low216
W4TWKFixed Single Op Low210
N1IBQFixed Single Op Low210
VA3RSAFixed Single Op Low208
KF5OMHFixed Single Op Low195
KC5GFLFixed Single Op Low192
VA3IJKFixed Single Op Low192
WA8ZNCFixed Single Op Low162Willamette Valley DX Club
K5KPEFixed Single Op Low160
KB0NESFixed Single Op Low160Minnesota Wireless Assn
KC8UXOFixed Single Op Low156
WA1SAYFixed Single Op Low154
W2TADFixed Single Op Low144
N1CEOFixed Single Op Low144
K6KQVFixed Single Op Low140Northern California Contest Club
KC9LVTFixed Single Op Low132
K1HGFixed Single Op Low132Florida Contest Group
W4SPRFixed Single Op Low126Florida Contest Group
VE3GJPFixed Single Op Low120
WD4FMGFixed Single Op Low117
KF3GFixed Single Op Low112
VA6RCNFixed Single Op Low112Contest Club Ontario
KV8ZFixed Single Op Low110
KD8GIJFixed Single Op Low100
NF6RFixed Single Op Low96Northern California Contest Club
K8ZTFixed Single Op Low96North Coast Contesters
KN4UNDFixed Single Op Low90
KA3EFixed Single Op Low90
KJ0PFixed Single Op Low84Minnesota Wireless Assn
KF5BCNFixed Single Op Low84
AF5CCFixed Single Op Low84Oklahoma DX Assn
VE3ACFixed Single Op Low81Contest Club Ontario
N1ADXFixed Single Op Low80
VA3IIFFixed Single Op Low80
WA4JAFixed Single Op Low72Tennessee Contest Group
WE4AUBFixed Single Op Low70North Fulton Amateur Radio League
WI0WAFixed Single Op Low70
WA2CNVFixed Single Op Low64
K8BMZFixed Single Op Low63Cherryland Amateur Radio Club
K6BBQFixed Single Op Low60
K6TQFixed Single Op Low56
N3SWFixed Single Op Low56
K6LIZFixed Single Op Low50
K0ALTFixed Single Op Low48Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado
W6NKRFixed Single Op Low45
K4WKFixed Single Op Low42
WN8YFixed Single Op Low42
K8GNGFixed Single Op Low36South Lyon Area ARC
KC6UCNFixed Single Op Low35
AB5XMFixed Single Op Low32
KC8JFixed Single Op Low32
KN4JNFixed Single Op Low32
WZ6ZZFixed Single Op Low30
K2SQSFixed Single Op Low25Burlington County Radio Club
VA3RKMFixed Single Op Low24Contest Club Ontario
WA9PNDFixed Single Op Low16Society of Midwest Contesters
W6USFixed Single Op Low16
W9TCVFixed Single Op Low16
VA3OOLFixed Single Op Low16
KK4CSFixed Single Op Low12
N7AMEFixed Single Op Low9
KB8ZRFixed Single Op Low9
N6JSOFixed Single Op Low9Northern California Contest Club
VA7BECFixed Single Op Low9
AB1AFixed Single Op Low9
AF1RFixed Single Op Low9Radio Amateurs of Northern Vermont
K5IXFixed Single Op Low8Central Texas DX and Contest Club
SP6JOEFixed Single Op Low8
KN6BAZFixed Single Op Low8
KF0AITFixed Single Op Low4
W6EMRFixed Single Op Low4
W6JLVFixed Single Op Low4
KJ7YYIFixed Single Op Low1
AA5AHFixed Single Op Low1
AE8RLFixed Single Op Low1Holland ARC
KO4JKVFixed Single Op Low1
K8SAWFixed Single Op Low0Keweenaw County Repeater Association
K8NWDFixed Single Op QRP34224Oakland County ARS
AA8LFFixed Single Op QRP23302
KB8WFixed Single Op QRP6930
KB8PGWFixed Single Op QRP5760Mad River Radio Club
K9RBHFixed Single Op QRP4032Society of Midwest Contesters
AC5OFixed Single Op QRP3772
W7LGFixed Single Op QRP3690
KY0QFixed Single Op QRP2496
KR4AEFixed Single Op QRP1936South East Contest Club
VE3DQNFixed Single Op QRP1848Contest Club Ontario
AB8DFFixed Single Op QRP1116Michigan QRP Club
NQ2WFixed Single Op QRP900
WC7SFixed Single Op QRP672Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado
AB9BZFixed Single Op QRP588
W9GPBFixed Single Op QRP320
W2QLFixed Single Op QRP308Potomac Valley Radio Club
W8NNCFixed Single Op QRP260
KC9BKSFixed Single Op QRP143Fox River Radio League
VE3SIFFixed Single Op QRP112
N0MIIFixed Single Op QRP32
KA3TTTFixed Single Op QRP24
K8MQPMulti Op Single-Xmtr310669South Lyon Area ARC
KX8DMulti Op Single-Xmtr70060Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
W8USAMulti Op Single-Xmtr48530Michigan Amateur Radio Alliance
AB8IMulti Op Single-Xmtr6962
KC8PKYMulti Op Single-Xmtr1600
K8RGSMulti Op Single-Xmtr1200Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
W8VYMulti Op Single-Xmtr506
N8OLMulti Op Multi-Xmtr81104Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
W8QNMulti Op Multi-Xmtr47424Midland Amateur Radio Club
W8RURover6755Mad River Radio Club
KB3CMTRover3956Wireless Association of South Hills
W8TAMRover800Arrow Communications Assn
Number of logs received: 442

Please keep in mind these are unofficial submitted scores. For instance dupes are not removed and only official mult abbreviations count. If there is a discrepancy between the raw score and your logger, please consider this info. If the raw score is higher it is likely due to dupes. If the raw score is lower check the list of mults..

The raw score is done for two primary reasons: to allow sanity checking logging software score vs unoffical submitted score and to give entrants immediate feedback as to how they did compared to others rather than having to wait for the official log checking.