Logs Received by Category with Scores

Please keep in mind these are unofficial submitted scores to help entrants sanity check what we received vs their logging program. Please also verify your entry category and club information is correct. If they are not correct, please resubmit your log using the log submittal web page. We use the last information submitted and ignore any prior submissions.

CallCategoryRaw ScoreClub
N8LPDEOC202742Livonia Amateur Radio Club
AD8BUEOC5400Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
K8MQPFixed Single Op High267914South Lyon Area ARC
W8JJFixed Single Op High184509Bay Area DXers
NA8VFixed Single Op High174900Bay Area DXers
NV8NFixed Single Op High173580
WX8CFixed Single Op High94430
AD8RFixed Single Op High66375Thumb Area Contesters
N8ERLFixed Single Op High45548Saginaw Valley ARA
K8SWDFixed Single Op High35770
K8TSFixed Single Op High31600Central Michigan ARC
KE8MOIFixed Single Op High28480
N8KRFixed Single Op High27145Fort Wayne Radio Club
N8DXRFixed Single Op High23822Monroe County Radio Comm Assn
KA6BIMFixed Single Op High15544Northern California Contest Club
W8JWNFixed Single Op High14378Northeast Wisconsin DX Assn
KD8VTTFixed Single Op High13542
W8MQTFixed Single Op High13248
NU8ZFixed Single Op High12212Adrian ARC
AA4RFixed Single Op High10488Bay Area DXers
NE8PFixed Single Op High9805Florida Contest Group
KE8OCFixed Single Op High9165Mad River Radio Club
N5KWFixed Single Op High8670
K5CMFixed Single Op High8670
W8RPFixed Single Op High5778Arrow Communications Assn
WA2JQKFixed Single Op High4773Hudson Valley Contesters and DXers
OM2VLFixed Single Op High4578
K5ZGFixed Single Op High4410Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado
W3LLFixed Single Op High4324Potomac Valley Radio Club
K8GVKFixed Single Op High4263Michigan State University ARC
K0TRLFixed Single Op High3999Kansas City Contest Club
W1SSNFixed Single Op High3916
N5EPFixed Single Op High3770Fox River Radio League
NS2NFixed Single Op High3680Niagara Frontier Radiosport
K8EOFixed Single Op High3640Lanse Creuse ARC
AF5JFixed Single Op High3402Texas DX Society
N9CKFixed Single Op High3224Society of Midwest Contesters
AA3SFixed Single Op High2929Potomac Valley Radio Club
AA4DDFixed Single Op High2756Tennessee Contest Group
N7EPDFixed Single Op High2697Western Washington DX Club
K8LFFixed Single Op High2490Potomac Valley Radio Club
KN7YFixed Single Op High2366Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
K5TIAFixed Single Op High2200Texas DX Society
W3USFixed Single Op High2160Florida Contest Group
K4BAIFixed Single Op High2112South East Contest Club
VE5MXFixed Single Op High2100Saskatchewan Contest Club
K9NWFixed Single Op High2050Southwest Ohio Dx Association
K8MRTFixed Single Op High1952
K0TQFixed Single Op High1716Society of Midwest Contesters
VE3KPFixed Single Op High1632Contest Club Ontario
WB8WDOFixed Single Op High1566
WB4HRLFixed Single Op High1534Swamp Fox Contest Group
KJ9BFixed Single Op High1479Society of Midwest Contesters
DM5EEFixed Single Op High1365Bavarian Contest Club
KJ9CFixed Single Op High1250
N3KNFixed Single Op High1248Potomac Valley Radio Club
K9QCFixed Single Op High1232Minnesota Wireless Assn
W7GFFixed Single Op High1200
KQ4LQLFixed Single Op High1188Swamp Fox Contest Group
K4RUMFixed Single Op High1064Hudson Valley Contesters and DXers
SP5SAFixed Single Op High1000
K1BZFixed Single Op High836Potomac Valley Radio Club
KV1JFixed Single Op High722Yankee Clipper Contest Club
KZ3PFixed Single Op High703Swamp Fox Contest Group
WW5LFixed Single Op High682
NS9IFixed Single Op High640
KF8MZFixed Single Op High638Dayton Amateur Radio Association
W0BHFixed Single Op High558
K3DNEFixed Single Op High500Swamp Fox Contest Group
K0RJWFixed Single Op High460Minnesota Wireless Assn
N9MSFixed Single Op High450
VE7ZOFixed Single Op High384Florida Contest Group
K0VBUFixed Single Op High338Kansas City Contest Club
N5RZFixed Single Op High308Central Texas DX and Contest Club
WA5LXSFixed Single Op High288DFW Contest Group
KB8ZRFixed Single Op High288
AD4EBFixed Single Op High264Tennessee Contest Group
KE6GFIFixed Single Op High240Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
KV0IFixed Single Op High207Heartland DX Association
AG3IFixed Single Op High200
KC3KRZFixed Single Op High171
VE3KTBFixed Single Op High130Contest Club Ontario
AJ3MFixed Single Op High110Potomac Valley Radio Club
K5ZZRFixed Single Op High64
WB5SKMFixed Single Op High48
WO4OFixed Single Op High45Florida Contest Group
W5RIRFixed Single Op High30
W6IAFixed Single Op High25Northern California Contest Club
KF6NCXFixed Single Op High18Northern California Contest Club
VE2GTFixed Single Op High9Contest Group du Quebec
NN6UFixed Single Op High9Northern California Contest Club
WA1UJUFixed Single Op Low127800
KG8COFixed Single Op Low123830
N8LJFixed Single Op Low115440Thumb Area Contesters
N8SSFixed Single Op Low115275Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
K8ROFixed Single Op Low101016Lanse Creuse ARC
KE8VCFixed Single Op Low100716
N8FYLFixed Single Op Low94640Lanse Creuse ARC
K8WUFixed Single Op Low89740Hazel Park ARC
W8FSMFixed Single Op Low75040Central Michigan Emergency Network
KB6NUFixed Single Op Low56511Arrow Communications Assn
KA8JBKFixed Single Op Low56214
K8GBFixed Single Op Low53880
WA8UPBFixed Single Op Low47580Wexaukee Amateur Radio Club of Cadillac
W8MSCFixed Single Op Low43460South Lyon Area ARC
W8DWFixed Single Op Low41514Saginaw Valley ARA
N8DZRFixed Single Op Low40959
WB8HSLFixed Single Op Low39160
W5DTFixed Single Op Low37224Hazel Park ARC
K8WGAFixed Single Op Low32578
NS8QFixed Single Op Low27032Central Michigan ARC
N8EAFixed Single Op Low22500Mad River Radio Club
KE8MOAFixed Single Op Low20436Central Michigan ARC
W8MFixed Single Op Low20000Riverside Radio Amateurs
N4XLFixed Single Op Low19530Swamp Fox Contest Group
KC8UHSFixed Single Op Low19404
KB8TLFixed Single Op Low19380Livonia Amateur Radio Club
AC8JFFixed Single Op Low19228Hazel Park ARC
AA3RFixed Single Op Low18980Frankford Radio Club
N8IIFixed Single Op Low15540Potomac Valley Radio Club
W8PIFixed Single Op Low15408Monroe County Radio Comm Assn
WA5SOGFixed Single Op Low13500Fort Smith ARC
N0XTFixed Single Op Low13067Minnesota Wireless Assn
WB9HFKFixed Single Op Low12749Society of Midwest Contesters
W9QLFixed Single Op Low11340Society of Midwest Contesters
W2LCFixed Single Op Low10912
KE8CUGFixed Single Op Low10368
N8MKGFixed Single Op Low10112Lanse Creuse ARC
W8EWHFixed Single Op Low9000Mad River Radio Club
W8JRKFixed Single Op Low8883Michigan State University ARC
W8UEFixed Single Op Low8448
KB8WFixed Single Op Low8400
AB3DCFixed Single Op Low8378Arrow Communications Assn
W9HTFixed Single Op Low7714
N8BZNFixed Single Op Low6954Monroe County Radio Comm Assn
VE3HZFixed Single Op Low6875Contest Club Ontario
KB8PGWFixed Single Op Low6794
KI0FFixed Single Op Low6517Minnesota Wireless Assn
W8MKRFixed Single Op Low6426
K2ALFixed Single Op Low5461New Providence ARC
K8GTFixed Single Op Low5346Hazel Park ARC
WO1NFixed Single Op Low5343Yankee Clipper Contest Club
WA9LKFFixed Single Op Low5120Society of Midwest Contesters
WA8RDFixed Single Op Low4998
K9CWFixed Single Op Low4864Society of Midwest Contesters
KD8LUFixed Single Op Low4692
N2CUFixed Single Op Low4625Niagara Frontier Radiosport
K9PWFixed Single Op Low4606Society of Midwest Contesters
WN8SFixed Single Op Low4559
WB8ASIFixed Single Op Low4536Bay Area DXers
W8SJSFixed Single Op Low4371Wexaukee Amateur Radio Club of Cadillac
K3YPFixed Single Op Low4360
KD8SRQFixed Single Op Low4242Lanse Creuse ARC
K3QPFixed Single Op Low4095Frankford Radio Club
K8AAXFixed Single Op Low3700Arrow Communications Assn
N8DNAFixed Single Op Low3600
K8RDJFixed Single Op Low3567Utica Shelby Emergency Communications As
N8RBSFixed Single Op Low3456Ogemaw-Arenac ARS
W3WHKFixed Single Op Low3416Frankford Radio Club
AG9AFixed Single Op Low3403Society of Midwest Contesters
K0MPHFixed Single Op Low3362Minnesota Wireless Assn
N8WNAFixed Single Op Low3330
VA3IDDFixed Single Op Low3315
N0HJZFixed Single Op Low3239Minnesota Wireless Assn
N9UNXFixed Single Op Low3080Society of Midwest Contesters
K0TCFixed Single Op Low3078Minnesota Wireless Assn
KE8TVRFixed Single Op Low3060Black River Amateur Radio Club
N8SBEFixed Single Op Low3036Mad River Radio Club
KB9LGSFixed Single Op Low2960
W4TJMFixed Single Op Low2950Florida Contest Group
N8GEOFixed Single Op Low2925Lanse Creuse ARC
AA0AWFixed Single Op Low2912Minnesota Wireless Assn
K8MRFixed Single Op Low2782Florida Contest Group
KC8ZMNFixed Single Op Low2772
WA8ZBTFixed Single Op Low2610DFW Contest Group
WA0MHJFixed Single Op Low2485Minnesota Wireless Assn
WA9YIFixed Single Op Low2442
KE0TTFixed Single Op Low2408
W0PIFixed Single Op Low2400Minnesota Wireless Assn
NW0MFixed Single Op Low2392Kansas City Contest Club
KB9SFixed Single Op Low2322Minnesota Wireless Assn
K8JTFixed Single Op Low2320
W8AITFixed Single Op Low2301
K8DPFixed Single Op Low2280Holland ARC
N5WCSFixed Single Op Low2280Lanse Creuse ARC
KE8TRBFixed Single Op Low2280
AF8AFixed Single Op Low2160
N4CWFixed Single Op Low2128Potomac Valley Radio Club
VE3KMQFixed Single Op Low1920Contest Club Ontario
K4FTFixed Single Op Low1892Swamp Fox Contest Group
K0TGFixed Single Op Low1824Minnesota Wireless Assn
W0UCFixed Single Op Low1792Minnesota Wireless Assn
NU8MFixed Single Op Low1764Michigan State University ARC
WB2PJHFixed Single Op Low1760Frankford Radio Club
N8EUIFixed Single Op Low1750Saginaw Valley ARA
KD8IPFFixed Single Op Low1728
N8LLPFixed Single Op Low1632
K1LTFixed Single Op Low1628Mad River Radio Club
N8HARFixed Single Op Low1600Lanse Creuse ARC
K0ADFixed Single Op Low1520Minnesota Wireless Assn
K2MNFixed Single Op Low1472
KC8YEJFixed Single Op Low1316Mad River Radio Club
KI6OYFixed Single Op Low1302Northern California Contest Club
K4DRFixed Single Op Low1300
N4QIFixed Single Op Low1296Swamp Fox Contest Group
KX9RTFixed Single Op Low1250Driftless Zone Contesters
W2CNFixed Single Op Low1242South Jersey Radio Assn
W4EEFixed Single Op Low1120Florida Contest Group
K0PCFixed Single Op Low1080Minnesota Wireless Assn
KR4EEFixed Single Op Low1080
WA2LMCFixed Single Op Low1064
W8KNXFixed Single Op Low1054Keweenaw County Repeater Association
W8TGBFixed Single Op Low1044Hazel Park ARC
WN4AFPFixed Single Op Low989Swamp Fox Contest Group
K5YXFixed Single Op Low980Lake Area Amateur Radio Klub
K6RMFixed Single Op Low950Carolina DX Association
KC1QEMFixed Single Op Low920Yankee Clipper Contest Club
N4DPMFixed Single Op Low920
K9OZFixed Single Op Low918
VA6RCNFixed Single Op Low900Contest Club Ontario
KG9XFixed Single Op Low874Society of Midwest Contesters
K3TNFixed Single Op Low816Potomac Valley Radio Club
N8HKUFixed Single Op Low800
K9WPVFixed Single Op Low777
AJ4LNFixed Single Op Low770Sterling Park ARC
KB4DEFixed Single Op Low748
KC2WUFFixed Single Op Low726New Providence ARC
K2QOFixed Single Op Low704Niagara Frontier Radiosport
K0TERFixed Single Op Low704
K9JKFixed Single Op Low682Society of Midwest Contesters
KD9GYFixed Single Op Low672Society of Midwest Contesters
N4MCCFixed Single Op Low660Tennessee Contest Group
KB0ARZFixed Single Op Low646
KD2REHFixed Single Op Low644
N8ZKTFixed Single Op Low575
AC5OFixed Single Op Low570
KB8JIUFixed Single Op Low560South Lyon Area ARC
KC0INPFixed Single Op Low551
W4NZFixed Single Op Low546Tennessee Contest Group
W1ENDFixed Single Op Low544Yankee Clipper Contest Club
K0WRYFixed Single Op Low532
N8JVCFixed Single Op Low525Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
NM2AFixed Single Op Low504Yankee Clipper Contest Club
WA9TMUFixed Single Op Low500
KE4EAFixed Single Op Low480Swamp Fox Contest Group
W8KNOFixed Single Op Low476Portage County Amateur Radio Service
KW4GFFixed Single Op Low476Potomac Valley Radio Club
VA3PMHFixed Single Op Low456
N3WRFixed Single Op Low448Delaware-Lehigh ARC
K4SBZFixed Single Op Low437Florida Contest Group
N5KFFixed Single Op Low432Central Texas DX and Contest Club
KM4IAJFixed Single Op Low425
K0CIEFixed Single Op Low418Florida Contest Group
VE9RLWFixed Single Op Low408
W9TCFixed Single Op Low400Society of Midwest Contesters
KB8PAIFixed Single Op Low391Toledo Mobile Radio Association
W1JSRFixed Single Op Low378Yankee Clipper Contest Club
WA8AHZFixed Single Op Low378
AA8UUFixed Single Op Low378Hazel Park ARC
KF5OMHFixed Single Op Low372Lake Area Amateur Radio Klub
KC3STZFixed Single Op Low352Washington Amateur Communications
K0RJKFixed Single Op Low325
N1SUZFixed Single Op Low304Swamp Fox Contest Group
KN6VTCFixed Single Op Low294
KM4FOFixed Single Op Low286Kentucky Contest Group
N9TFFixed Single Op Low286Tennessee Contest Group
K4EAKFixed Single Op Low286
WA4JAFixed Single Op Low285Tennessee Contest Group
KO4QEXFixed Single Op Low272
NR0PFixed Single Op Low264
WA9LEYFixed Single Op Low240Metro DX Club
KN4JNFixed Single Op Low216
N0ATFixed Single Op Low216Minnesota Wireless Assn
N4NTOFixed Single Op Low208Potomac Valley Radio Club
W4ZTHFixed Single Op Low200
AI6OFixed Single Op Low200Kansas City Contest Club
KY4GSFixed Single Op Low198South East Contest Club
K9EJSFixed Single Op Low168Society of Midwest Contesters
WB8JAYFixed Single Op Low162
N3BDFixed Single Op Low156
KC9GLRFixed Single Op Low154Hoosier DX and Contest Club
AJ4HPFixed Single Op Low144Florida Contest Group
VA3PCFixed Single Op Low143Contest Club Ontario
KC0DMFFixed Single Op Low135Minnesota Wireless Assn
W0PMOFixed Single Op Low132Minnesota Wireless Assn
VE3OOZFixed Single Op Low130
K0UUFixed Single Op Low128Minnesota Wireless Assn
W9TCVFixed Single Op Low121
K4VBLFixed Single Op Low121
K9ELFFixed Single Op Low121Society of Midwest Contesters
K4QQGFixed Single Op Low120Swamp Fox Contest Group
KQ1OFixed Single Op Low119
KD2KWFixed Single Op Low112Lake Area Amateur Radio Klub
AC8HZFixed Single Op Low108
N5EKOFixed Single Op Low98Texas DX Society
KA0PQWFixed Single Op Low98Minnesota Wireless Assn
KC6EOAFixed Single Op Low98
W4LEWFixed Single Op Low84
VA3RKMFixed Single Op Low84Contest Club Ontario
KX1WFixed Single Op Low77South Jersey DX Assn
N5FZFixed Single Op Low72
N3OAFixed Single Op Low72
KF3GFixed Single Op Low72
AI5GFixed Single Op Low60Lake Area Amateur Radio Klub
N4IUFixed Single Op Low50
VA7BECFixed Single Op Low49
VA2KDFixed Single Op Low42
KB3FWFixed Single Op Low32South East Contest Club
N6GPFixed Single Op Low32Southern California Contest Club
N1XIFixed Single Op Low30
W4CHIFixed Single Op Low25
K5CCWFixed Single Op Low25
N1ADXFixed Single Op Low25
N5JDTFixed Single Op Low25
K7ULSFixed Single Op Low24
KC8BQPFixed Single Op Low20
VE7CCYFixed Single Op Low18
N2MTGFixed Single Op Low16Hudson Valley Contesters and DXers
WA1SAYFixed Single Op Low16
VE3JZTFixed Single Op Low15
W5GUZFixed Single Op Low9
N7AMEFixed Single Op Low9
K6KQVFixed Single Op Low8Northern California Contest Club
KN4ZXGFixed Single Op Low8
VA3IJKFixed Single Op Low4
KK4CSFixed Single Op Low4
KN6BAZFixed Single Op Low2
KI5GDBFixed Single Op Low1
VE2CROFixed Single Op Low1
VE3GEFixed Single Op Low0
AA8LFFixed Single Op QRP40803
W8TOMFixed Single Op QRP27224Michigan QRP Club
N9SMFixed Single Op QRP20732
W9JFK/8Fixed Single Op QRP6713Muskegon Area Amateur Radio Council
K2YGFixed Single Op QRP4773New Providence ARC
WO9BFixed Single Op QRP3304West Allis RAC
KY0QFixed Single Op QRP3078
AB8VSFixed Single Op QRP3066
NQ2WFixed Single Op QRP2856Hudson Valley Contesters and DXers
W7LGFixed Single Op QRP1652
W0DCXFixed Single Op QRP1380
VE3SIFFixed Single Op QRP1320North American QRP CW Club
NI8WFixed Single Op QRP1232North American QRP CW Club
KU4AFixed Single Op QRP680North American QRP CW Club
VE3DQNFixed Single Op QRP442Contest Club Ontario
K8ZTFixed Single Op QRP308North Coast Contesters
KE3VFixed Single Op QRP234North American QRP CW Club
KA8HDEFixed Single Op QRP126Minnesota Wireless Assn
K3PWFixed Single Op QRP98
K3TWFixed Single Op QRP84Florida Contest Group
WB0SMZFixed Single Op QRP80
WB9GFixed Single Op QRP72North American QRP CW Club
KI5YGTFixed Single Op QRP32Lake Area Amateur Radio Klub
N2EIMFixed Single Op QRP18North American QRP CW Club
W8SHMulti Op Single-Xmtr123880Michigan State University ARC
N8ZSAMulti Op Single-Xmtr36358Central Michigan Emergency Network
AA8CQMulti Op Single-Xmtr33602
W8AWEMulti Op Single-Xmtr22161
W8DCMulti Op Single-Xmtr5724
KC8PKYMulti Op Single-Xmtr1218
N1SOHMulti Op Single-Xmtr561Yankee Clipper Contest Club
NE9UMobile multi-op700Minnesota Wireless Assn
N8OLMulti Op Multi-Xmtr206820Blossomland Amateur Radio Association
N8MGMulti Op Multi-Xmtr196700
W8CSOMulti Op Multi-Xmtr171146North Ottawa Amateur Radio Club
W8UMMulti Op Multi-Xmtr134100University of Michigan Amateur Radio Clu
K8ESQMulti Op Multi-Xmtr13266
W8ZHOMulti Op Multi-Xmtr9176Muskegon Area Amateur Radio Council
W1AWMulti Op Multi-Xmtr0
KD8FSRover77526Minnesota Wireless Assn
W8RURover17264Mad River Radio Club
Number of logs received: 373

Please keep in mind these are unofficial submitted scores. For instance dupes are not removed and only official mult abbreviations count. If there is a discrepancy between the raw score and your logger, please consider this info. If the raw score is higher it is likely due to dupes. If the raw score is lower check the list of mults..

The raw score is done for two primary reasons: to allow sanity checking logging software score vs unoffical submitted score and to give entrants immediate feedback as to how they did compared to others rather than having to wait for the official log checking.