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* * * 2016 Mich QSO Party April 16-17, 2016 * * *



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* * 2015 MiQP Results Published * *


The official results of the 2015 Michigan QSO Party (MiQP) are now available (see link on the right of this page):


Here are the Major Category Winners:


High Score - Michigan Single Operator - High Power

Winner: Steve Wuelfing, K8BZ


High Score - Michigan Single Operator - Low Power

Winner: Greg Chapoton, NA8V


High Score - Michigan Single Operator - QRP

Winner: Tim Prosser, KT8K


High Score - Michigan Rookie Single Operator

Winner: Tom Hammond, K8BKM


High Score - Michigan Multi-Operator, Single-Transmitter

Winner: Station K8MQP

Ops: K8CC, KE8OC, W8MJ and WD8S


High Score - Michigan Multi-Operator, Multi-Transmitter

Winner: Station KA8O

Ops: AB8JR, K8ED, K8GT, K8PGJ, WE9P & WF5X


High Score - Michigan Mobile, Solo-Operator

Winner: Dan Kovatch, W8CAR/m


High Score - Michigan Mobile, Multi-Operator

Winner: Station KK9K/m

Ops: NE9U, KK9K & N9BCA


High Score - Michigan EOC Station

Winner: Wayne County EOC, Station K8UNS

Ops: N8MR, K8AZT, K8RDM  & K8TAS


High Score - Out of State Single Operator, Eastern/Central Region

Winner: Keith Pederson, WA3HAE


High Score - Out of State Single Operator, Mountain/Pacific Region

Winner: Skip Jensen, K6DGW


As well as:


High Combined Score - Michigan Club

Winner: Blossomland Amateur Radio Association


High Combined Score - non-Michigan Club

Winner: Minnesota Wireless Association


The MiQP Committee would like to congratulate each of these winners, and also the 2ND and 3RD place finishers in these categories as well as the winners at the local level.  The committee would also like to thank all the 2015 MiQP participants for their activity in the contest.



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