2018 Michigan QSO Party

Club Competition

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Michigan Clubs

Club Name


Bay Area DXers 380,116 4
Southeastern Michigan DX Association 333,651 2
Blossomland Amateur Radio Association 202,528 6


The number of Michigan clubs in the Club Competition were down slightly this year, however there were still 12 Michigan Clubs (not including MRRC) participating.  It was great to see the clubs turn out in 2018, and it is interesting to note some smaller Michigan clubs stepped up to take the top three spots.

Repeating as top Michigan club after taking the top spot in 2017 was the Bay Area DXers, with a score of 380,116 points.    The foundation of their score was the #1 and #3 SOHP scores from NA8V and NA8V respectively., as well as the #3 SOLP score from K8GL.

It story was a little different for the second place Michigan club, the Southeastern Michigan DX Association, with a score of 333,651 points, less than 47K behind the Bay Area DXers.  SEMDXA is a club who is no stranger to the top scores box, but this time they did it with only two scores.   Led by the KA8O winning Michigan MOMT score, SEMDXA gave the Bay Area DXers a run for their money.

Finishing in third place among Michigan clubs was the Blossomland Amateur Radio Association, with a score of 202,652 points out of the southwestern part of the state.  Like SEMDXAt, Blossomland ARC has appeared in the club competition numerous times, and has even won the club sompetition in previous years.  The big contributor to their score was the #2 MOMT entry, N8OL, supported by the #4 MOST score, KX8D and four other scores.

Some entrants were wonder about the list of club names which appears on the web page where logs are submitted.  This list exists primarily to help MiQP officials interpret the often cryptic club names, acronyms or abbreviations that people sometimes put in their log entry.  If your club name doesn't appear on the list, simply choose "N/A" and the club name in your log file will be used to credit your club with the points from your score.  The committee has tried to make the list as complete as possible, but we can't know every club name throughout the entire state.  To get your club name added to the list, simply send a request via e-mail to miqp@miqp.org or k8cc@comcast.net and we'll get your club's name quickly added to the list.

Non-Michigan Clubs

Club Name



South East Contest Club



Frankford Radio Club



Minnesota Wireless Association



Similar to the Michigan Club Competition, the number of out-of-state club scores dropped, but only by one ito 11 clubs vs. 2017. 

High score among out-of-state clubs in 2018 belongs to the South East Contest Club, with 32,993 points.  The SECC is certainly no stranger to the club competition and the top scores box, and this is not the first time they have finished #1.  The foundation of their winning score was the #2 non-Michigan East Region single-operator score from KU8E, but this was supported by six other entries.  As a result, YCCC won the non-Michigan club competition by a substantial margin..

In second place we find a club well-known in contest circles and club competitions: the Frankford Radio Club with 21,047 points from five entries.  The top entry from Frankford was the #4 Eastern Region non-Michigan single-operator score from a former Michigander: Karl, N8NA.  But Frankford had four other logs was supporting the N8NA score.

The third place club is also familiar to the MiQP Club Competition:the Minnesota Wireless Association Contest Group found their way into third place with 17, 068 points from five entries.  Minnesota is well-positioned geographically to work Michigan, so let us hope that this group will continue it's interest in MiQP.

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