2017 Michigan QSO Party Plaques


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The following individuals and organizations will receive a 2017 Michigan QSO Party plaque for winning their respective categories.  The remaining top three entries in each category will receive a MiQP Certificate of Accomplishment.  Congratulations to all of the winners!

Due to the delay in generating the results of the 2017 MiQP, plaques and certificates should be going out some time in April 2018.  If you’ve not received your award by June 1, 2018, drop an e-mail to our awards manager Mike Van Buren, WD8S using the address of his callsign "at" comcast.net.


High Score - Michigan Single Operator - High Power

Sponsor: Hazel Park Amateur Radio Club

Winner: Greg Chapoton, NA8V


High Score - Michigan Single Operator - Low Power

Sponsor: Eastern Michigan Amateur Radio Club

Winner: Jeff Miller, WB8WKQ


High Score - Michigan Single Operator - QRP

Buck Switzer, N8CQA Memorial

Sponsor: Michigan QRP Club

Winner: Tim Prosser, KT8K


High Score - Michigan Multi-Operator, Single-Transmitter

Sponsor: Monroe County Radio Communications Association

Winner: Station K8MQP - Ops: K8CC, K9TM, KE8OC, W8MJ and WR8W


High Score - Michigan Multi-Operator, Multi-Transmitter

Sponsor: Branch County Amateur Radio Club

Winner: Station KA8O - Ops: K8ED, K8GT, N8LJ, WE8P, WF5X and K8PGJ


High Score - Michigan Mobile, Multi-Operator

Sponsor: Oakland County Amateur Radio Society

Winner: Station K8IR/m - Ops: K8IR and KG9GH                         


High Score - Michigan EOC Station

Sponsor: Lansing Amateur Radio Lunch Bunch

Winner: Livonia ARC, Station K8UNS - Ops K8DPB, KE8CEH, K8RKT, KD8ZPX, N8XI, WV8A, KE8AUO, KE8DOU, K8MU, N8BTU and N8MR


High Score - Out of State Single Operator, Eastern/Central Region

Sponsor: Cherryland Amateur Radio Club

Winner: Mark Wilson, K1RO


High Score - Out of State Single Operator, Mountain/Pacific Region

Sponsor: Southeast Michigan DX Association

Winner: Dave Tucker, KA6BIM

Note: there we no mobile/single-op or Rookie entries in 2017, so no plaques were awarded in those categories

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