2017 Michigan QSO Party

Mobile Stations

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Perhaps it was the Easter weekend keeping people close to home, but there was only one mobile entry in the 2017 MiQP:

Mobile Multi Operator



QSOs Mults Score








 K8IR, KG9GH  Menominee & Marinette ARC

The one and only mobile entry in 2017 came from the team who won the Mobile Multi Operator category as recently as 2015, and that was K8IR/m, operated by Jim Callow, K8IR and Eric Janssen, KG9GH, with a score of 76,284 points.  They started out in PRES and covered 23 counties across the northern and central portions of the Lower Peninsula before crossing back over the Mackinac Bridge to the UP and finishing in MENO.  The K8IR/m team had band breakdowns of 47/288/172/0/0 with 93% of their QSOs on CW and a best rate of 64 QSOs during the 17Z hours.  Their log shows 11:03 of operating time, and they worked 19 different Michigan counties and 43 non-Michigan geographic entities while making 65 band or mode changes during the contest.

With only one mobile entry, the above graph might not seem very interesting without multiple scores to compare.  However, it does show how the K8IR/m team got off to a great start with consistently good rates for the first six hours until they hit a lull in the 22Z and 23Z hours.  However, things picked back up in the 00Z hour and they averaged just over 40 QSOs/hr until the end.

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