2016 Michigan QSO Party Photos


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NE9U,  multi-operator mobile, 14 counties

NE9U team traditional pre-contest steak dinner

L to R, Art/N9BCA, Scott/NE9U and Ron/KK9K

Ron/KK9K operating NE9U/m



W8RU, four county portable multi-multi operation

W8RU/p, Newago County, operating from a roadside park.

Antennas were an aluminum dipole supported by the mast,

and a 40M dipole hung in the trees.

W8RU/p, Lake County, operating from a city park.  Antennas were

a 40M wire dipole supported by the mast and a 20M Hamstick

W8RU/p CW station in rear of minivan




Dave, K8ESQ, Single-Operator, Kalkaska County

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