2016 Michigan QSO Party

Club Competition

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Club Name


Ogemaw-Arenac Amateur Radio Society 229,457 12
Blossomland Amateur Radio Association 203,567 8
Livonia Amateur Radio Club 201,378 4


The number of Michigan clubs in the Club Competition was up slightly this year, with 22 Michigan Clubs (not including MRRC) participating, enough to sneak past the record of 21 clubs from 2015,.  It was great to see the clubs turn out in 2016, including some names which are new to the competition.

The winning club this year was the Ogemaw-Arenac Amateur Radio Society, a club name somewhat new to the club competition.  OAARS finished second in 2015, but in 2016 racked up 229,447 points from a gang of twelve entries, one of which was the #3 SOHP score from K8BZ.  OAARS's count of 12 entries was the highest of any club in the competition

Despite a smaller number of entries than in 2015 (when they were the winning Michigan club), the Blossomland Amateur Radio Association with 203,567 points managed to grab second place among Michigan clubs.   Led by the #3 multi-multi score from N8OL, BARA managed to rally their membership to amass two thirds of their 2015 score with half as many entries, and without their perennial  "big gun" Earl, N8SS, who was QRT this year.  That makes it second-first-second for BARA, for an average finish of 1.66 over the past three years which is not bad at all...

Only 1,189 points behind BARA was the third place club, a familiar club name making its first appearance in the top scores box for the club competition, and that is the Livonia Amateur Radio Club, moving up from ninth in 2015.  Led by a team of members activating their Wayne County EOC as K8UNS plus the #6 SOHP score from KE8FT, LARC managed 201,378 points from only four entries.

Outside of the top three clubs, in 2016 there were a lot of changes in the competitive landscape of the in-state club competition.  Some familiar names with deep history in MiQP re-appeared, while some names disappeared from the lack of two entries from members.  And it's always good to see new clubs appear in the competition, whether with a large or small score.

Some entrants were wondering about the list of club names which appears on the web page where logs are submitted.  This list exists primarily to help MiQP officials interpret the often cryptic club names, acronyms or abbreviations that people sometimes put in their log entry.  If your club name doesn't appear on the list, simply choose "N/A" and the club name in your log file will be used to credit your club with the points from your score.  The committee has tried to make the list as complete as possible, but we can't know every club name throughout the entire state.  To get your club name added to the list, simply send a request via e-mail to miqp@miqp.org or k8cc@comcast.net and we'll get your club's name quickly added to the list.


Club Name



Georgia Contest Group



Society of Midwest Contesters



Kentucky Contest Group



With the number of in-state club scores were up slightly from 2015, the number of out-of-state club scores were up by the same amount.  Two of the top three out-of-state clubs are different from last year, including the winning club.

High score among out-of-state clubs in 2016 belongs to the Georgia Contest Group, with 53,077 points.  GCG is a familiar name in MiQP club competitions, but they did not even have a club score in 2015.  This year, their three scores included a pair of the top Eastern Region single-op scores: N4PN (#3) KU8E (#7).

In second place was another familiar club, the Society of Midwest Contesters with 27,169 points from seven entries, moving up from third place in 2015 and almost doubling their last year's score in the process.  SoMC's top entry was K9WX, who had the #5 Eastern Region single-op score.

Following behind SoMC in third place in the Out-Of-State Club leaders box was our contesting neighbors to the south, the Kentucky Contest Group with 23,268 points from three entries.  KCG was another club which made a big jump in 2016; considering that they didn't even have a club score in the 2015 MiQP.

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