2014 Michigan QSO Party Photos


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W8MMM, multi-single, Leelanau County

Liz, KJ6RQU in her first contest, working 40 SSB

Well -known VHF/UHF op, Bob, K2YAZ, working 40 CW


K8ESQ, multi-single, Kalkaska County


K8BZ, single-op high power, Gladwin County



N8M, single-op QRP, Muskegon County

N8M, operator N8XX

Photo taken by Gerry, K8GGL



The Michigan State University ARC grabbed the multi-operator/multi-transmitter plaque in the 2014 MiQP.  
But one of their ops, Gregg/WB8LZG sent us this photo of their plaque along with another piece of hardware. 
Greg writes:  "Besides Sweepstakes and the School Club Round-up, the Michigan OSO Party is our club's "premier" event.
We here at W8SH, MSU ARC have an "unofficial" competition ongoing with the U of M radio club W8UM. High score takes
home all the glory es bragging rights fer the year ! This year I've made "our own" equivalent of the "Paul Bunyan" trophy,
 in addition to your fine plaque.  It will be passed between the schools to be displayed by the winner for the year."
Those of us who have been in contesting for a while, and who recall the big signals and big scores of the great collegiate station battles
in the November Sweepstakes (SS) of the late 60s and early 70s between W8SH, W8UM, W8LT (Ohio State University), W9YB (Purdue),
W9YH (University of Illinois), W9YT (University of Wisconsin) and K9IU (Indiana University), will think this is pretty cool.

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