2014 Michigan QSO Party

Mobile Stations

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2014 saw a severe drop in the number of mobile entries.  It is likely that with Easter falling on the Sunday after MiQP, many ops had family plans which took priority and they stayed home.  Also, Mother Nature threw some wildly varying weather conditions around the state on MiQP weekend - in some areas, the weather was bad (discouraging mobile activity) while in other areas nice weather prevailed (encouraging alternative activities on the holiday weekend).  Nonetheless, we want to recognize and congratulate those who jumped into their mobiles and activated counties for the rest of us to work.

Mobile Solo Operator



QSOs Mults Score









The only Michigan Mobile Solo Operator entry in 2014 came from Dirk Esterline, KG8JK who made a brief 1:23 mobile trip around Emmet County and passed out this uncommon mult to few happy MiQP participants on 80M and 40M, both phone and CW.

There was a second mobile solo operator entry, that of Ted, W8UE/m who mounted a mobile excursion through six counties in SE Michigan.  However, Ted was using a his tape recorder to record his log audibly as he drove and operated, and he discovered after the contest that at certain times the recorder malfunctioned and large blocks of QSOs were lost.  So Ted did the right thing and rather than risk causing NIL ("not in log") penalties to those missing QSOs and stations, he requested that his log be used as a check log only.

Mobile Multi Operator



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K8IR, KG9GH  Menominee & Marinette ARC







 Mad River Radio Club (Mich)

There were only two Mobile Multi-operator entries in 2014, but both were callsigns very familiar to MiQPers.  The winning station was K8IR/m, operated by Jim Callow, K8IR and Eric Janssen, KG9GH, covering 25 counties across the northern and central portions of the Lower Peninsula.  The K8IR/m team had breakdowns of 78/362/232/1/0 with 90% of their QSOs on CW.  Surprisingly, the first hour of the contest was their worst, with only 32 QSOs, and their best hours were 22Z and 23Z with 74 and 72 QSOs respectively.  They operated the entire contest, and worked 62 unique multiplier areas and 23 MI counties.

In second place was the W8ZZ/m entry operated by Ron, W8RU and Bill, KC8VGG who activated 11 counties across the southern portion of the Lower Peninsula.  After several years of multi-county fixed/portable operations, this group went mobile in 2014 and report that they struggled to make QSOs.  Perhaps for this reason they only operated 5:10 of the contest period.  Like K8IR/m, their worst hour was also the first hour of the contest, with only six QSOs.  22Z was their best hour with 30 QSOs, then they went QRT for the rest of the contest period  All of their QSOs were on 40M or 20M with 70% on CW.  They worked 44 unique multiplier areas but only 11 Michigan counties.

The graph above shows the progress made by each of the two mobile multi-operator entries as the contest ran on.  The graph clearly illustrates the slow start by both stations, but then K8IR/m was pretty consistent to the end of the contest.  The graph for W8ZZ/m illustrates their struggle to make QSOs and early QRT from the contest.

Non-Michigan Mobile Stations



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Operating mobile from outside the target area is not often a popular activity in a state QSO party, but that was exactly the choice for John AE8M/m in the 2014 MiQP.  John, often active in QSO parties from his mobile station, left his Cincinnati home QTH just after the contest started and spent almost five hours driving around Ohio making MiQP QSOs.  Because of his close proximity to Michigan, he had to rely on 80M and 40M for his QSOs, and his log had slightly more phone QSOs than CW.  His best hour of the contest was 23Z, and he made QSOs in eight of the twelve hours of the contest period.  He worked 42 different Michigan counties.

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