2012 Michigan QSO Party

Emergency Operation Center Stations

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QSOs Mults Score







 Oakland County ARPSC






 Livonia Amateur Radio Club






 Osceola County EOC

Once again, it was W8OAK, the team at the Oakland County ARPSC leading the charge amongst Emergency Operation Center stations.  This group had twelve operators, ran five full time stations (3 phone, 2 CW) and one more for the first 8 hours.  They lost the first hour to station setup, but otherwise were able to operate the entire contest.  Their breakdowns were 215/520/149/15/4 with 63% on phone. Their best rate was 133 QSOs in the 01Z hour, and they worked 122 different multiplier entities along with 72 different Michigan counties while running low power.

K8UNS - Wayne County EOC

(Forground) Mike, N8MR & John, K8AZT

In second place for the third straight year was the team at K8UNS from the Livonia ARC in Wayne County activating their EOC for the fourth time in MiQP.  This team's band breakdowns were 124/312/39/1, with 59% on CW. They had a near perfect balance of multipliers with 72 on CW and 74 on phone.  K8UNS ran low power and their best hour was 00Z with 59 QSOs.  They operated all but 23 minutes of the contest period, and worked 96 different multiplier including 56 different Michigan counties.






Reprising their third place EOC finish from 2010 was K8OSE, the Osceola County EOC.  This group made all of their QSOs on phone, and the majority (89%) on 40M.  They worked 64 unique multiplier entities including 52 different Michigan counties.  K8OSE ran low power and were active for 9:56 of the contest period, and had their best hour on the contest at 21Z when they made 25 QSOs.

The graph above shows the progress made by each of the top three EOC stations as the contest ran on.  W8OAK took the early lead and never looked back.  K8UNS ran remarkably steady rates for the entire contest.  K8OSE had slower, but steady rates throughout the contest.

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