2011 Michigan QSO Party

Club Competition

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Club Name



Blossomland Amateur Radio Assn



Southeastern Michigan DX Assn



Cherryland Amateur Radio Club




For the second year in a row, the top spot amongst Michigan clubs was occupied by the Blossomland Amateur Radio Association.  After amassing fourteen entries last year, they bumped it up to fifteen scores this year, (the highest number of entries for a club in MiQP history!).  The Blossomland total of 533,193 points was anchored by the #1 and #3 single-op high-power scores from N8SS and K8CIT respectively,  and the KX8D multi-op score.

The second place club, the Southeastern Michigan DX Association with 327,281 points, is another club who has topped the Michigan club rankings before.  SEMDXA garnered their total from only three entries, but these included the #2 multi-multi score by K8ESQ and the #5 single-operator low power score by KR8V.

In third place is a club which has been near the top many times, but last year slipped to tenth place.  We welcome the Cherryland Amateur Radio Club back to the leaders box with 277,575 points.  Cherryland amassed twelve scores this time, benefiting from the #4 low power and #3 QRP single-op entries by N8TC and KC8LTL respectively.


Club Name



Minnesota Wireless Association



South East Contest Club



Society of Midwest Contesters



Among the out-of-state clubs, the Minnesota Wireless Association stepped up from #3 last year and grabbed the top spot among out-of-state clubs with a score of 104,153 points from seven entries.  At the top of their contributors were the #4 and #9 Eastern Region single-op scores from NØIJ and KØRC respectively.

In second place was the South East Contest Club with 89,162 points.  The SECC had only three entries, but one of this was N4PN's #1 Eastern Region single-op score.

Coming in third was the Society of Midwest Contesters with 46,194 points.  SoMC also had only three entries, but these included KØJPL's #7 Eastern Region single-op score and N2BJ's #3 non-Michigan multi-op score.

Once again, we would like to point out that scores for an in-state club must be made from Michigan, and scores for an out-of-state club must be made from outside of Michigan.  In some cases, there were clubs which had member scores from both areas.  In these cases we treat the member's scores outside the club's "home" region as a separate club, and if there were two or more such entries, these appear in the results.  (For example, MRRC had four entries from Ohio, so these are shown as "MRRC non-MI".)

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