2009 Michigan QSO Party

Club Competition

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Club Name



Adrian Amateur Radio Club



Blossomland Amateur Radio Assn



Eastern MI Amateur Radio Club




The second place MI club last year jumped to the top this time - and it was former club winner the Adrian ARC.  Adrian put together eight scores (second only to Blossomland and YCCC in terms of the number of entries) including the #1 multi-multi and #3 single-op high-power scores for 859,383 points.  Adrian is the club which holds the record for in-state clubs at 1,063,028 which they set in 2004.

The second place club, the Blossomland ARA, jumped into second place from their fourth place finish in 2008 by increasing their score almost 10% to 325,532 points, but still had to settle for second place behind Adrian.  The Blossomland score was helped mightily by the #1 single-op high power (N8SS) and #4 multi-single scores (KX8D).  Most of Blossomland's scores come from the southwest part of the state, but they also benefit  from far flung alumni such as N8SS (in WAYN) and KX8D (in PRES).

Reprising their third place finish from 2008 was the Eastern Michigan Amateur Radio Club with 284,041 points.  The EMARC total benefited from the #1 multi-single and #1 QRP single-op entries.  They finished with more than a 120K lead over the fourth place club.


Club Name



Frankford Radio Club



South East Contest Club



Florida Contest Group



Among the out-of-state clubs, the Frankford Radio Club stepped up and grabbed the top spot for the first time witha score of 58,769 points.  They only had two scores, but what they lacked in quantity they made up in quality; the #1 and #3 Eastern Region single-ops came from the Frankford ranks.

Not far behind Frankford in second place is a former out-of-state club winner, the South East Contest Club with 48,674 points.  The SECC put together four scores, but one of those was KU8E's #2 place Eastern Region score, and that was good enough to edge out third place.

Close on the heals of the SECC is another former out-of-state club winner: the Florida Contest Group, led by N4IG and WJ9B.  With five scores totaling 43,694 points, FCG was less than 5,000 points behind the SECC in the race for second place.

Once again, we would like to point out that scores for an in-state club must be made from Michigan, and scores for an out-of-state club must be made from outside of Michigan.  In some cases, there were clubs which had member scores from both areas.  In these cases we treat the member's scores outside the club's "home" region as a separate club, and if there were two or more such entries, these appear in the results.  (For example, MRRC had three entries from Ohio/Pennsylvania, so these are shown as "MRRC non-MI".)

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