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The call may be different, but the result is much the same.  Running his streak to three-for-three in winning the Michigan Mobile Solo Operator category we find the special call of W8M/m with Hal Offutt, W1NN at the controls.  Due to a death in his family in the week leading up to MiQP, Hal's plans for the contest came together at the last minute, and traveling from his home QTH in Ohio, he was barely in place with the contest started.  He drove an abbreviated route compared to past years (only six counties) and had to quit operating an hour early to get home.  Despite these limitations, Hal finished with clear leads in both QSOs and multipliers in the mobile solo operator category, and for the third year in a row, led ALL mobile entries in multipliers, regardless of number of operators.  352 of his 448 QSOs were on CW, but the key to Hal's great multiplier total was being able to snag 46 mults on SSB to go with 60 on CW.  And, he managed to work 35 unique MI counties (up from 25 last year).

Second place in the mobile solo operator category was another familiar MiQP mobile call; Todd, N9NE/m who mobiled through nine Upper Peninsula counties.  Todd actually beat W8M/m by seven QSOs and nine mults on CW, but for whatever reason just could not generate much business on SSB and those low results relegated him to second place.  Todd's log is roughly half 40M, with the balance split between 20M and 80M.  He was very close to W8M in working in-state stations, with 34 unique counties getting into the N9NE/m log

Third place in the mobile solo operator category is a callsign with MiQP mobile experience; that is, Jim, WI9WI/m.  Jim' MiQP operation was based out of his cabin near Winter, WI, with a total of about 14 hours of driving for five hours of operating time through five counties in the Upper Peninsula.  Like most of the mobiles, Jim's big band was 40 with 144 QSOs, with 42 on 80/75 and only 6 on 20, mostly on CW.  His best rate came during the 20Z hour with 53 QSOs, and he put 26 Michigan counties into the log.

Mobile Multi Operator



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 Mad River RC






 SE MI DX Association






 Goshen ARC

On top of the Michigan Mobile Multi Operator category was another special callsign: K8K/m, but the operators at the controls were certainly familiar: that is Jim, K8MR and Jim, W8DRZ who really covered some ground, operating from a contest-leading 27 counties in the northeastern and central regions of the Lower Peninsula.  After being battered by conditions unsympathetic to mobiles in 2006, their 2007 score rebounded to something more typical for a category-leading entry.

To do this, they had to strike the best balance between CW and SSB.  While their QSO count is biased heavily towards CW (713 vs. 102) their multiplier count is much more balanced (63 on CW to 31 on SSB). This strategy allowed them to lead the category in QSOs, and to stay close to WT9U on multipliers.  Their best hour of the contest came at 18Z when 91 QSOs went into their log, and they worked 22 unique Michigan counties.

Second place in the mobile multi-operator category went to another team with strong MiQP experience masquerading behind a special callsign.  The callsign was N8N/m and the operators were Don, K8BB and Steve, N8NM.  This team made many of the same strategy moves as K8K/m; most QSOs on CW (602 vs. 101) but with an even closer balance of multipliers (55 on CW and 37 on phone).  Their best hour of the contest came at 20Z with 90 QSOs in the log, but they only worked 17 Michigan counties.  Indeed, it can be observed that N8N/m was making the same moves as K8K/m, but were just slightly behind.

Third place went to the team who was second in 2006; that is the WT9U/m entry operated by Jim, WT9U and Ian, WA9PQN.  This team operated from 24 counties, mostly along with western region of the Lower Peninsula.  While their ratio of CW to phone QSOs were similar to their competition, their total number of QSOs were roughly 200 behind K8K and 100 behind N8N, the shortfall coming almost entirely on 40.  However, WT9U led the category in overall multipliers, particularly on SSB where they had 47.  Their best hour of the contest came during the 21Z hour, with 79 QSOs going into the log and they worked 19 unique Michigan counties.

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